Watergate Prosecutor Explains Why It is Invoice Barr and Jeff Periods Who Are Mendacity About Trump’s Spying

Former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks stated on MSNBC Sunday that there was no way attorneys general Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions were aware of the arrest warrants used to spy on reporters, Democratic Congressmen, their staff and families, and his own whites’ household effects .

Barr, Sessions, and former Justice Department Deputy Rod Rosenstein have all denied knowing about the spying subpoenas, but Wine-Banks said it was impossible as it would go all the way to the top.

“It may be that the person they were investigating had a legitimate testimony for the search warrant and that they had a reason,” she told MSNBC. “It could be that someone they were already investigating called him. It doesn’t mean this is normal. It’s not normal, and I think investigation is absolutely critical, holding someone accountable is important in preventing this from ever happening again. We cannot force members of Congress, the press and the White House to do so. And the reason Don McGahn is naturally worrying is because he cooperated with Mueller, which made him an enemy of Donald Trump. Donald Trump exclaimed [Adam] Ship, he called [Eric] Swalwell, people on this warrant, and he must have felt uncomfortable with his own lawyer in the White House cooperating and telling Mueller the truth. Therefore it is worrying. “

Sessions said he was never informed of this record seizure. Barr played quickly and easily with the language, saying he never spoke to Trump about the leak cases. That was in a similar language to Barr’s refusal to respond when he asked Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) about Trump or anyone else who had “asked or suggested” an investigation into his political enemies. Barr pretended not to know what the word “suggested” meant and refused to answer.

Host Alicia Menendez asked Wine-Banks if it was possible they had no idea what was going on.

“No, in my opinion, and let me tell you why,” said Wine-Banks. “At first we had [Osmar] Benvenuto, who was brought in on the recommendation of the New Jersey US Attorney who was appointed by Barr to replace the New York attorney he ousted. He recommended Benvenuto who came in, and Benvenuto said – on a record, that he informed Barr at least every other week. So it’s not believable. And if Barr didn’t know about it, then Barr is the worst manager, worst attorney general ever, because that’s his job. Justice Department policy requires notification and approval from a higher source. So it is not something that you can simply subpoena a member of the records of Congress or the records of a reporter without anything else. So it doesn’t pass what I call the “red face test”. It’s like, could I stand up in front of a jury and say this in front of them without blushing or giggling? The answer is: No, I couldn’t. “

Apple said in a statement that the DOJ’s request “provided no information about the nature of the investigation and it would have been virtually impossible for Apple to understand the intent of the information requested without searching users’ accounts.”

Presumably, the court documents would have detailed who appeared in court on the warrant, and there should be enough traces of paper to identify some of the Justice Department officials involved. Barr hasn’t denied that he played a role in renewing the inquiries or was unaware of the investigation. He just said he hadn’t spoken to Trump about it. It is unclear why he would have spoken about it since he was not there when the investigation opened. The gag order against Apple was renewed again and again, which would have required a lot of paperwork.

Check out the video below:

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