Many accusations have been dismissed and withdrawn because of civil rights clashes | Information

Bedford, Pennsylvania – A judge made grave allegations against a man accused of gunning down and killing a civil rights activist on land in Pennsylvania last summer during a conflict with a group of protesters en route from Merion to Washington, DC to have. I refused.

Bedford District Judge H. Cyril Bingham, after a five-hour preliminary hearing last week, dismissed a series of grievous bodily harm and assault charges, as well as several simple attacks, against 52-year-old Terry Myers. Prosecutor Leslie Childers-Potts has dismissed charges of criminal mischief and other simple assault and reckless dangers.

The judge ruled that when 37-year-old Orsino Thurman was shot dead in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 24, Myers should be tried on seven other negligent charges and one harassment charge.

(Johnstown) According to the Tribune Democrat, “I’m relieved that the most serious allegations have gone, but there’s a level of disappointment that not all have been rejected,” said attorney Matt Zatoko. Said. He claimed that his client had been released in self-defense.

Sirman, who failed to appear at the hearing, faces charges of simple assault and reckless danger and illegal possession of firearms.

A group of about 20 people set out on a 745-mile march from Milwaukee to the capital in early August 2020 to mark the anniversary of Dr. To commemorate Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech”. At the end of Aug. 24, 2020, the group stopped on Route 30 in the Bedford County countryside near Myers’ father’s towed garage and home. Myers’ father looked at them outside and called for them to go. According to the police, there was no evidence that they heard him.

According to state police affidavits, Terry Myers arrived, fired a shotgun twice in the air, scanned the crowd with a gun, fired two flashes, and hit Sirman in the face. This was reported by the Tribune Democratic Party. Then two pistols rang and Myers responded with another explosion, police said, citing footage they had reviewed. Sirman was picked up shortly after Myers said he “shot me with a shotgun”. I hit him too, ”the report said.

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Many allegations have been dismissed and withdrawn due to clashes with civil rights | news

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