Civil Rights heavy-hitters again Cynthia Moore Chestnut’s Democratic Get together run

A couple of generations of black politicians and civil rights activists in Florida, starting with Rep. Al Lawson to Aramis Ayala and from Ben Crump to LaVon Bracy come to hit Cynthia Moore ChestnutEfforts to be elected next Florida Democratic Party leader.

Chestnut’s campaign on Monday announced its first full list of endorsements, including Lawson, the Tallahassee congressman; Crump, the civil rights attorney who starred in many of the top Black Lives Matters cases; Ayala, the first African American prosecutor in Florida; and Bracy, the Orlando church leader and civil rights icon, the mother of Sen. Randolph Bracy.

Others include agents. Michele Rayner-Goolsby and Yvonne Hayes Hinson, former Sen. Tony Hill, former mayor and first black woman mayor of Tallahassee Dorothy Inman Johnson, Tallahassee Mayor Pro Tem Dianne Williams CoxActivists Angela Rye, LJ Holloway, the referee. Randolph Bracy Jr. [LaVon Bracy’s husband,] Community activist and retired educator Valerie Brandt-Wilson, Gainesville City Commissioner Gail Johnson, Former Haverhill City Councilor Daniel son, Board member of Alachua County School Tina sureand members of the State Committee Dr. Joyce Blake, Rick Perry, Marcie Stefan, and Michelle Wilger.

Chestnut is fighting for the inaugural seat to chair the Florida Democratic Party with the former mayor of Miami Manny Diaz, Florida Democratic Environment Committee President Janelle Christensen, and former member of the Democratic National Committee Nikki Barnes. Current chair Terrie Rizzo has decided not to take on another term and an election will take place in early 2021 to replace her.

“My mentor, Cynthia Chestnut, is a proven executive with background in Florida politics from grassroots to elected office at all levels of government in the state,” Rye said in a press release issued by Chestnuts Campaign. “She was also the leader of the Alachua County Democratic Party. There is no one who cares more about the community and demonstrably rolls up their sleeves and works on the topics from all sides. “

Chestnut announced her candidacy on December 7th with the platform she called Re-Energize, Reclaim, Recruit, which will bring the FDP a necessary restructuring.

Chestnut is the first black woman to be elected to the Gainesville City Commission, mayor-commissioner of Gainesville, the Alachua, Marion and Putnam Counties’ House of Representatives, and the first black woman to be elected to the Alachua County Commission.

“DR. Chestnut is a game changer,” Rayner-Goolsby said in the press release. “In Dr. Chestnut we have an authentic voice for all Floridians who understand human power. She has broken barriers all her life, but always made sure to uplift others with her. “

“My role as State Committeewoman and President of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida Alachua County has enabled me to work closely with Dr. Chestnut to work together. She is a proven manager and organizer, ”said Stefan. “DR. Cynthia Moore Chestnut is a leader and campaigner for marginalized communities. A proven leader and lifelong Democrat who rose through the ranks with hard work and perseverance.”

“Rep. Chestnut is no stranger to getting things done. Under the direction of Dr. Chestnut I’ve watched the impossible become possible more times than I can count, ”said Sohn.

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