MSNBC’s Pleasure Reid Takes Down Architect of the Essential Race Principle Tradition Conflict in Epic Debate

MSNBC host Joy Reid took on Christopher Rufo, the think tank “scholar” who claimed to be an expert on race because he worked as a “scholar” in a conservative think tank. Speaking on Wednesday, Reid got him to admit that he is neither an expert on race nor in law where the idea of ​​critical racial theory is generally taught.

Rufo claimed that Reid attacked him in the air, which she corrected, saying that she did nothing but read the quote from his own documents.

Reid started by asking when “Critical Race Theory” was invented, and he didn’t know, said sometime in the 1980s or 1990s. Reid quoted the Harvard University paper in which it was first mentioned in 1981 by Professor Derrick Bell, who died in 2011.

She cited Rufo’s “documentary” on critical racial theory, which quoted professors or types of professors who he admits are academics who he claims are replacing equality with justice, which is a conservative indictment Reid said that she had heard it since she was in school. “To end individual property rights and even to commit reverse genocide or to call for reverse genocide.”

Rufo said it wasn’t true, at which point Reid said she would play the clip if Rufo would allow her, but he wouldn’t. He said the term was counter-genocide, a genocide committed in retaliation for another genocide.

Rufo claims in his topics of conversation that the father of critical racial theory was Ibram X. Kendi, who told Reid that he was not a critical racial theorist.

“I admire critical race theory, but I don’t identify as a critical race theorist. I’m not a legal scholar, so I wasn’t trained in Critical Racial Theory, ”said Kendi. “I’m a historian and Chris would know this if he actually read my work or understood that racial critical theory is taught in law schools. I didn’t go to law school. “

Rufo started complaining that Reid was quoting things and not letting him reply, but she stated that she wanted to go over her list of disputes.

Rufo claimed he was not a political agent, but Reid filmed a video on May 18 of Rufo speaking at the Claremont Institute calling critical racial theory a political “stick,” meaning a huge political weapon. He went on to add to his point by quoting Barbara Applebaum who he believed was a critical racial theorist. In fact, she is trained in philosophy and education and “her research is heavily influenced by feminist ethics, feminist philosophy and critical racial theory”.

He also quoted the American author Robin DiAngelo, who wrote her doctoral thesis on whiteness in racist dialogues. According to her website, she is also a professor of education, not a critical theorist.

“There are these very pathetic and very angry PhD students who are trying to fight me on these highly technical haggling interpretations,” said Rufo. “I do not have time for that. As if I didn’t give a shit. “

Reid noted that it reiterates that the theory of critical races is not taught in kindergarten but is a conversation among graduates among academics.

His reasoning fell apart from then on.

Check out the videos below:

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