Trump Was Probably Contagious, Posed Threat to Employees When He Defiantly Eliminated Masks After COVID Hospitalization: Report

As president at the time Donald Trump after returning to the White House of Walter Reed triumphantly up the steps of the Truman Balcony and in an act of defiance removed his face mask to announce his victory over his personal battle with COVID-19, he was “probably” still contagious and posed a risk to the staff waiting for him inside.

Pointing at the cameras from the balcony, he took the mask loop from his right ear with his right hand and then raised his left hand to pull the mask off his face. He was heavily made up, his face was colored orange than in the hospital photos. The helicopter’s rotors were still spinning. He put the mask in his right pocket as if taking it off once and for all, then raised both hands with his thumbs up. It was probably still contagious and stood there for the whole world to see. He made a military salute as the helicopter exited the South Lawn and then strode into the White House, passing staff on its way and not protecting them from the virus particles expelled from his nose and mouth.

This is just a disturbing detail from the Washington Post’s gaze, “Inside the Extraordinary Efforts to Save Trump From Covid-19,” taken from the book “Nightmare Scenario: Inside the Trump Administration’s Response to the Pandemic That Changed History.”

Trump has been crammed with a “dizzying range of emergency drugs,” including drugs that are “not yet available to the public.”

When Trump was hospitalized, he became the White House chief of staff Mark meadows, “Colleagues say I was consumed with fear that the president might die.”

Despite Trump attending multiple Superspreader events, his daily refusal to allow masks to be worn, self-wearing a mask, or social distancing, Meadows apparently didn’t even bother to prepare a plan of action if Trump became infected with the case deadly coronavirus that killed 200,000 Americans back in October.

“Trump’s exposure to a serious illness and the prospect of death caught the White House so unprepared that they hadn’t even informed Vice President Mike Pence’s team of a plan to swear him in should Trump become incapacitated,” the Post reveals.

Meanwhile director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Disease Robert RedfieldDescribed by Rolling Stone as one of the “Four Men Responsible for America’s COVID-19 Test Disaster,” spent this October weekend in prayer.

“Had the United States tracked the” earliest movements of the coronavirus “and identified hidden hotspots, local quarantines might have narrowed the disease,” the New York Times reported in March 2020.

The Post reveals that “Redfield spent the weekend praying Trump sick. He prayed that the president would recover. He prayed that he would come out of this experience with a newfound appreciation for the gravity of the threat. And he prayed that Trump would tell Americans to listen to health advisers before it’s too late. “

“The virus had started a violent resurgence. Redfield, Fauci, Birx, and others felt they had limited time to get people to behave differently in order to avoid a massive wave of death, ”explains the Post. “There were few signs this weekend that Trump would have a change of heart.”

Read the entire report here.

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