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FRANKLIN, Tenn., December 15, 2020 / PRNewswire / – UL, the global leader in security science, recently announced a new partnership with Jopari Solutions, Inc. Jopari Solutions provides specialized healthcare IT solutions, including claims handling products for the employee compensation and auto medical markets. The two companies have teamed up to develop an automated system that enables occupational health care providers to submit compensation claims, attachments, and medical records from employees, and receive referral payments directly in SYSTOC®, UL’s electronic medical record (EMR) and medical accounting software.

Scott BarnardUL’s chief executive officer said, “Most employee compensation claims are still managed manually. Manual processing increases the risk of errors and significantly delays payment. This solution helps organizations resolve critical challenges and minimize the burden of manual billing by they have a well-defined, faster transfer route that ultimately enables them to process claims more accurately and efficiently. “

UL’s SYSTOC helps occupational health programs and freestanding practices optimize patient data management, automate treatment and billing protocols, and support ongoing vaccination registration initiatives. The flexible software improves customer satisfaction by providing customer-specific procedures for treating and billing patients, accelerating the provider’s access to digital laboratory results, and reducing patient waiting times through electronic forms that can be completed online in advance.

With the SYSTOC EDI module, clinics can transmit invoice data quickly by sending invoices electronically. This translates into faster payments and improved cash flow, and makes it easier for staff to spend more time with patients. The additional benefits include:

  • Faster billing
  • Faster transfer directly to SYSTOC
  • Minimizing the rejection of invoices due to errors in manual entry
  • Reduce duplicate submissions
  • Reduction of the administrative burden
  • Creation of a delivery and status check history for providers and payers

UL and Jopari have worked together for many years to identify ways to improve the compensation process for employees. The partnership has developed creative solutions to remove manual processes and simplify operation. Jennifer Nereu, Vice President Client Services at Jopari Solutions, said: “We have been working with UL since 2011 and are focused on improving and automating employee compensation and billing processes as well as paperless processing. The new enhancement automates the referral process for occupational health providers, that complete the electronic billing cycle and offer a simpler, more user-friendly solution. “

For more information on how UL can help your company develop a health and safety workplace culture, please visit ULEHSS.com.

Visit Jopari Solutions website to find out more about their specific IT solutions for healthcare.

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