Labor Updates Employees’ Compensation Protection Data for Injured Employees

Department of Labor Commissioner Gary Molloy testifies before the Senate. (File photo)

Labor Commissioner Gary Molloy has announced tariff changes envisaged by the Workers’ Compensation Administration for the 2021 maximum and the increase in benefits from January 1. The Ministry of Labor of the Virgin Islands urges the public to take note of:

  • The maximum disability income benefit has increased from $ 617.00 per week or $ 123.40 per day to $ 694.00 per week or $ 138.80 per day.
  • These changes affect all injuries that occurred on or about January 1, 2021.

For more information on the management of employee compensation under VI. Ministry of Labor can be found online at Or call (STT) 776-3700 or (STX) 773-1994.

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