TX Gov. Abbott Slammed as He Indicators Abortion Ban Invoice Surrounded by ‘50 Males, eight Girls’

Kelly Tshibaka, the Republican who challenges Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowskiis a far-right, pro-Trump religious extremist who believes being gay is “an option,” but being conservative is not.

In recent years Tshibaka has written in support of so-called “ex-homosexual” groups such as the now defunct Exodus International, supported a psychologically harmful “conversion therapy”, said that homosexuals were “molested” as children and opposed the separation of the church and state according to a CNN investigation report.

Tshibaka, a pastor who started a Pentecostal Christian church with her husband, has also written against popular cultural media such as the Twilight books and films, declaring that they are ways for Satan.

“Hundreds of people reject homosexual lifestyles and get out of homosexuality every year,” wrote Tshibaka in a 2002 article for the independent Harvard Law Record on “National Coming Out of Homosexuality Day,” which was “a day for homosexuals to happen.” To help overcome “their sexual tendencies and move towards a healthy lifestyle.” “

NCRM noted that the day was celebrated as early as 1996 by the anti-LGBTQ hate group Family Research Council as “a response to the election rally for gays and lesbians”.

In support of “conversion therapy,” Tshibaka wrote that “Exodus, while working with several thousand homosexuals, found that the most common cause of homosexuality is childhood sexual abuse.”

Although she did not name them, she falsely claimed that “ex-gay,” “reparative,” or “conversion therapy” “is not a process that leads to the suppression of persistent desires and stimuli. Science has proven that homosexual preferences can be changed authentically. “

This is wrong. Every credible major medical organization that has dealt with “conversion therapy” has warned against the practice, with most saying that it is dangerous. Some who have been through it have called it “torture”; others have died of suicide, citing attempts to “convert” them.

“Homosexuals,” Tshibaka also wrote, “can emerge from homosexuality because their preference is not biologically prescribed. As opposed to race or gender, homosexuality is a choice. “

Although Tshibaka believes being gay is a choice, she also believes she was “born conservative”.

“I started shooting guns when I was five and grew up with Reagan as king,” she wrote, also on the Harvard Law Record. “I went to the most liberal high school in Alaska and the most conservative university in Texas. Some would say I was born conservative – it’s not a choice. “

In the same article, Tshibaka pointed out her conservative good faith, including her belief that the U.S. Constitution does not prescribe separation of church and state.

“What does it mean to me to be conservative? It means I love my guns. Big government is big problem. Abortion cannot be justified. There is no dividing wall between church and state. Your money is yours alone. And we are bound by an overarching moral code that even the Supreme Court cannot enact. “

She also wrote about the dangers of witchcraft and the occult, and specifically targeted the “Twilight” book and film series, reports CNN on K-File. “She called it ‘evil and we shouldn’t read or see it.'”

“Some say this book is harmless, that it promotes Christian values, and that it promotes no evil at all. But Satan doesn’t usually look repulsive, terrible and evil from the outside, ”she wrote in an October 2009 blog post.

Make no mistake: ‘Twilight’ is a perfect example of the enemy twisting, perverting and ridiculing the things of God. This is his mon. This is how he works, ”added Tshibaka.

And she claims there is “a link between drugs and witchcraft” and writes, “Perhaps this explains why many people who have used illegal drugs experience demonic oppression.”

Tshibaka co-founded a Pentecostal church, and one of the tenets of this Christian sect speaks in tongues, according to the official news site for Assemblies of God, the largest Pentecostal church.

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