Trump-Loving COVID-Denying Republican Needs to Create Registry of ‘Truth-Checkers’ However Kill Legislation Requiring Gun Licenses

In a test where the pen is mightier than the sword, Michigan state lawmaker Matt Maddock seeks to create a government register of fact-checkers while removing the government’s obligation to get a gun-carrying permit, which is what extremists do refer to the second amendment as “Arms Register”. ”

Rep. Maddock tabled a bill in 2019 to abolish state law requiring buyers of handguns to obtain approval before purchasing a firearm. A right-wing gun group called Michigan’s requirement for a pistol to allow a “draconian pistol registration scheme”.

On his campaign website, Maddock calls himself “Trump Republican” and promises to “reduce the size and scope of government”.

“In recent years, Conservative Republicans across the country have preferred the new principled Conservative Trump votes to the elite Republican establishment. I am a Trump Republican. “

Maddock’s bill would require fact checkers to register with the government, get $ 1 million insurance coverage, and be fined $ 1000 a day if their decisions are wrong. State judges would determine whether a controversial fact-finding test is inaccurate and whether it caused “demonstrable harm,” reports The Detroit News.

“Who are these mysterious hidden fact checkers playing around with our first change?” Maddock wrote on Facebook on Tuesday in a clearly ignorant take on the First Amendment. “Are they human? Computers? Algorithms? Artificial intelligence? Which (who) standards do they use? Are you democrats? Republican? Non-partisan? Where do you live? Are you American? Are you from china? It’s time we found out. And one more thing … why don’t you check the fake news? “

“There are tens of thousands of [fact checkers] spy on us, “he claimed in a separate post:

The Washington Post adds that “Maddock and his wife, Meshawn Maddock, co-chair of the Michigan Republican Party, have been repeatedly challenged by journalists to investigate the facts to encourage unsubstantiated claims of widespread electoral fraud and to falsely point out that covid-19 is comparable to the flu. ”

Maddock is an advocate of the “big lie” and signed a letter urging Vice President Pence to overthrow the 2020 presidential election, which would have been an act of turmoil and which he did not have the constitutional authority to do.

In January, ClickOnDetroit reported that Maddock and his wife were among the first to join a “Facebook group devoted to violent rhetoric and conspiracy theories.”

“The site is full of conspiracies, far-right memes, and open discussions about martial law and civil war.”

Also in January, ABC subsidiary WXYZ described Matt and Meshawn Maddock as a “Michigan couple with Trump ties” who are “using conspiracies to advance their rise to the state GOP.”

Meshawn Maddock has often fought “to keep gay protection off the party platform”.

Image via Facebook

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