‘Gestapo’ Traits After COVID Whistleblower Says Cops Raided Her Residence, ‘Pointed Weapons at My Children’

Former Florida Department of Health (DOH) data scientist Rebekah Jones, who was fired by the government of Governor Ron DeSantis after refusing to tamper with coronavirus information, said, “The state police came to my house and took all of my home Hardware and technology with. They issued an arrest warrant on my computer after DOH filed a complaint. They pointed a gun at my face. They pointed guns at my children. “

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement issued a statement confirming the seizure of computer equipment, a report in the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper said.

“FDLE opened an investigation on November 10, 2020 after the Ministry of Health received a complaint about unauthorized access to a Ministry of Health messaging system that is part of an emergency alert system that is only intended to be used for emergencies,” said FDLE spokeswoman Gretl Plessinger .

Jones, who has set up their own website to continue reporting important coronavirus information, posted this tweet, including the video:

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There won’t be an update today.

This morning at 8:30 am, the state police came to my house and took all my hardware and technology with them.

They issued an arrest warrant on my computer after DOH filed a complaint.

They pointed a gun at my face. They aimed guns at my children. Pic.twitter.com/DE2QfOmtPU

– Rebekah Jones (@GeoRebekah) December 7, 2020

“They took my phone and the computer I use to post case numbers in Florida every day and school cases for the whole country,” she tweeted. “You have presented evidence of corruption at the state level. They claimed it was a security breach. That was DeSantis. He sent the Gestapo. “

If Desantis thought about pointing a gun in my face it would be a good way to shut me up and he’d learn right away how wrong he was.

I’ll have a new computer tomorrow.

And then I get back to work.

If you’d like to help, my website is still at https://t.co/JbQtrVbRuv

– Rebekah Jones (@GeoRebekah) December 7, 2020

The “Gestapo” has therefore proven to be a trend. Check out what some are saying:

Rebekah Jones was fired for refusing to manipulate Covid-19 data for the state of FL. She started publishing her own dashboard. Then they ambushed her home. To support their work and to shake hands with DeSantis and his Gestapo, donate to their project here: https://t.co/8Rxs03CybG https://t.co/DJ8md0cc8I

– George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) December 7, 2020

You should never have had weapons for it. DeSantis is out of control. Gestapo tactics.

– Debbie Dease 🦋✍🏽🌊🇺🇸 (@debbie_dease) December 7, 2020

She is the former Ministry of Health employee who created the COVID-19 dashboard. She was fired after refusing to manipulate data for @GovRonDeSantis. Now he has ordered a Gestapo-style raid on her house, guns pointed at her and her children. https://t.co/IXnM0Pr8ew

– Randi Mayem Singer (@rmayemsinger) December 7, 2020

There must be a lawyer out there looking after @GovRonDeSantis who has just sent his Gestapo to seize the Covid whistleblower and scientist @GeoRebekah computers and put guns in the faces of her and her CHILDREN. What a bloody # Florida shame. @Maddow https://t.co/K8oaGk9PpG

– Lesley Abravanel🆘 (@lesleyabravanel) December 7, 2020

It’s shocking and terrible. Florida COVID data tracker and whistleblower designer Rebekah Jones was mugged.

Make no mistake, we have Republican fascism right here in the US. Complete with Gestapo.

More of it if Trump and his Republicans stay in power. https://t.co/mfn57C3UQO

– Denise Dewald, MD @ (@denise_dewald) December 7, 2020

Out and out of a dictator’s Gestapo tactics. DeSantis must be stopped. I hope you have a roster of attorneys ready to take your case.

– RayWoodson2.0 (@ RWoodson20) December 7, 2020

Why do we use Gestapo tactics against scientists? Threatening scientists and covering up facts to tell lies kills the people of Florida. Let the truth be heard and know that DeSantis has been involved in crimes against humanity. He is a Covid collaborator. https://t.co/8VMP8q5DJT

– Liz (@ lizzard1278) December 7, 2020

Ron DeSantis does it. Florida Governor is hiding COVID data – and probably more. That’s bad. This is the Gestapo. This is Putin. This is Trump. https://t.co/BvAr5Es8mC

– Dr. Jack Brown (@DrGJackBrown) December 7, 2020

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