Lindell Rambles on and on How Trump Will Be Put Again within the White Home

MyPillow founder and right-wing Christian extremist Mike Lindell went on the hunt on a Trump-supporting Conservative Christian radio host to insist that his real audience for his claims that Donald Trump did indeed win re-election are Democrats and the neighbors of the Supreme Court justices.

“I said Donald Trump will be in August and I totally believe it. He will be back in the White House, ”Lindell said, as he said, to Eric Metaxas.

Lindell is a devout Trump acolyte and one of the most outspoken providers of lies about election fraud. He insists that foreign interference led Joe Biden to fraudulently win the White House. He claims that he has a tremendous amount of evidence to back up his conspiracy theories, but now he’s backing down on his recent claim that the Supreme Court will overturn the elections and Trump whitewashed as soon as he sees what it has to offer Home will return.

“But I’ll tell you what the plan is, the plan is this: Right now I’m starting this first documentary this week, tomorrow at noon. Then I’ll start Absolute Interference next week. In the week after, we will start Absolute Cover-up. “

“But in parallel with that, we all have evidence, this evidence now, we’ve checked every IP address, the IDs of the computers, we’ve got everything that came back just yesterday. I am so happy that we are all now could take it to the Supreme Court and they would go 9-0, that will be denied. “

“The reason we don’t take this evidence to the Supreme Court,” claims Lindell, “the reason we aren’t all is because we have some bad people in the Supreme Court who don’t want to watch cases.” and we have bad judges in this country who don’t want to see anything. “

“As Mike Lindell, I’ve now made up my mind to collect all of this evidence over the next five weeks, four to five weeks, for everyone that can be seen every day on my new platform Frank, where the world can’t suppress it.” Where every single person, my audience, I think, is a democrat, just a democrat who says, “Wow. China attacked us, that got in, it’s outside interference, they got in and stole that choice through these Dominion and Smartmatic machines. Everyone will see this for five weeks. There is a very, I have a very coordinated plan here. “

Dominion filed a $ 1.3 billion libel lawsuit against Lindell last month.

“Then I counter too, I don’t counter, I file a lawsuit against Dominion with MyPillow, counter the public for freedom of speech, for the first right of amendment, we all do this over the course of five weeks, just show the world all the evidence, including nine people.” at the Supreme Court including your neighbors, your friends and anyone who goes: “Did you see that? Did you see that? Did you see that?'”


Mike Lindell has “a very coordinated plan” to get Trump back to the White House by August by posting tons of evidence of election fraud on his new social media platform over the next five weeks.

– Right Wing Watch (@RightWingWatch) March 31, 2021

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