Trump Is Leaving Behind the Worst ‘Scum’ of the GOP to Proceed the Destruction He Started

In his column for the Daily Beast, Conservative campaign advisor Rick Wilson, founder of the Lincoln Project, stated that just because Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, the worst the Republican Party has to offer is no longer gone.

In his place, he argues, lawmakers as terrible and powerful as the outgoing president are filling the void with one eye to pave the way for Trump’s return and the other to do more harm to the country.

In Wilson’s words they are the “axis of the Assh * les”.

Wilson took advantage of the failed lawsuit by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, which attempted to cast votes in four states – only to be brutally beaten aside by the Supreme Court – a prime example of Trumpist “f * ckery” that continues, wrote Wilson Expect more of this in the future.

“The ridiculous final argument in Texas, which the Supreme Court unceremoniously rejected last week, wasn’t doomed from a legal standpoint. It was so politically and morally caustic and dangerous that only in the time of the Trumpian collapse would they have allowed their names to be tied to it, ”he wrote. “Once 17 Republican attorneys general – and if you’re new to politics, ‘AG’ also stands for ‘aspiring governor’ – set ambitions over the constitution and the rule of law to sign the hot rubbish of the Lone Star State with Use the legal Concept, we are no longer in a functioning republic. “

According to Wilson, a shameless Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) – should the GOP retain control of the Senate – will be the leader of all kinds of chaos going forward as he leads the “scum” faction of GOP lawmakers who do this try to make the life of President Joe Biden miserable.

The reason? Pure hunger for power.

Wilson wrote: “With the exception of a tiny handful, Republicans are just as terrible as Trump. Wilson stated, “When these men and women come to power they will always be shaped by their willingness to tear up the Constitution in an attempt to re-elect Donald Trump against the will of the American voter. You are the future of the GOP, and that future is a lawless addiction to power and position. These men and women are not the top law enforcement officers of their states with a duty to uphold the Constitution and uphold the law, they are idolaters with shitty knees. “

In conclusion, he warned: “All authoritarian movements are trying to purge their ranks in order to weed out the infidels, the apostates and the poseurs. Trumpism is no different. You will see more and more GOP members being tested in the dark and difficult days ”before adding,“ The true believers will be the worst dead ends since Uday and Qusay. They will take on its worst and darkest elements and claim that is what they have believed in all along. They will fight until the last dog dies to convince you that Trump won. Birds are not realand that everything they do serves a conservative ethos. “

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