Proposal would assist first responders obtain PTSD remedy by employees compensation

Legislation introduced at the Capitol could make it easier for police and first responders to obtain compensation for workers for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sen. Andre Jacque

Senator Andre Jaque (R-DePere) said the current law was based on a decade-long court ruling that made it extremely difficult to get such help.

“They are expected to just say,” Well, that’s part of the job. You should just essentially soak that up and accept that you will be traumatized and retraumatized on a regular basis, “he said during a Monday audience hearing about the measure.

Under current law, the police and first aiders with a mental illness, but without accompanying physical injury, have to prove that their diagnosis was based on unusual stresses that were greater than that of other employees.

“This legislation will no doubt save the lives and careers of officials who deserve this opportunity,” said Jim Palmer of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association.

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