Gaetz’s Colleagues Allegedly Say He Has a ‘Love of Alcohol and Unlawful Medication’ – Report

The Daily Beast has posted a profile of US MP Matt Gaetz (R-FL), which is reportedly under investigation by the DOJ for possible sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and possible child trafficking.

The profile was less than flattering, with The Beast reporting that Gaetz is “less than a good name” among his peers and that many Republicans question the wisdom of jumping in his defense – although neither has jumped to convict him .

“Most of the Republicans on and around Capitol Hill kept their mouths shut on Wednesday,” reports The Beast, delivering a disturbing revelation about the GOP Congressman in Florida.

“Gaetz – the Trump-loving, Fox News-grinning, 38-year-old Republican from Florida – has a poorer reputation among his congressional colleagues,” says The Beast. These colleagues are suing him for alcohol, drugs and drugs to women.

“More than half a dozen lawmakers spoke to these reporters about his love for alcohol and illegal drugs, and his addiction to younger women,” reports The Beast. “It is known under Republican lawmakers that Gaetz dated a college student in 2018 – one above the age of consent. She came to Washington as an intern.”

Then there is a “caricaturally scandalous perception of Gaetz [which] is so commonplace that it is sometimes literally visible in the convention halls. A Hill source sent The Daily Beast a photo of a trash can outside Gaetz’s office as lawmakers vacated his offices at the end of a recent session. On top of the pile was an empty box of Troyan condoms the size of Costco. “

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