Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg Might Face Indictment as Quickly as This Summer time: NYT

Donald Trump has been legally exposed for a “crime wave” committed during his tenure as President of the United States, a former federal attorney told MSNBC on Friday.

Glenn Kirschner told MSNBC presenter Ali Velshi: “As President, Donald Trump was an unchecked crime wave.”

“Even before he became president, he and Michael Cohen committed campaign finance violations for which Michael Cohen was jailed,” he recalled. “Ali, then, after he takes office, we could go through the crimes that we can prove based on just the publicly reported information, be it the bribery and extortion of President Zelensky, the ten cases of criminal obstruction of justice that are meticulously documented by Bob Mueller in Volume 2 of the Trump-Russia Report, for which Bob Mueller is known to testify that Donald Trump could be prosecuted after leaving office. “

“There is something that we often forget that is hindering the congressional process,” he continued. “Remember, Donald Trump has instructed all of his law enforcement officials not to obey lawful congressional subpoenas. And that is very different from saying, let’s enforce the privileges of the executive and fight them legitimately. “

“There are so many other crimes. There are countless preventable COVID deaths that I think states could pursue. Then of course the uprising is started. We saw it with our own eyes, ”he recalled.

“If he’s not held accountable, Ali, if we don’t prosecute him, we’ll be promoting tomorrow’s version of Donald Trump,” he warned. “We must prosecute today’s version of Donald Trump to send the message that we will not tolerate an escaped criminal president.”


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