Fox Fires Reporter Who Declared On-Air She Was Being ‘Muzzled’ by Her Bosses: Report

Fox 26 Houston reporter Ivory Hecker announced Tuesday that she was fired after announcing during a live stream during a local segment that her bosses had “silenced” her and the discredited far-right activist Project Veritas had secretly given audio and video recordings.

“Before we get into this story, I want you, the audience, to know that Fox Corp. silenced me to hide certain information from you, the audience, ”said Hecker on Monday during her report (video below). . “And after all I collect, I’m not the only reporter exposed to it.”

The Daily Beast reports that in a phone call with Hecker, she “said she had just been fired from the Fox branch”.

But Hecker seems happy.

“Since last August, when I realized what they were, I have longed to part with this strange, somewhat deranged company,” she told The Daily Beast. “The project with Project Veritas doesn’t touch what they did. Fox 26 knows that I am fearless. “

She added, “I’m not interested in working for another company. They all follow the same line. “

It’s unclear what “line” this is, but it seems she would have been more comfortable with another “disorderly company”, possibly OANN.

Here is Hecker’s report from Monday.

Reporter Ivory Hecker with Fox 26 informs the network live on the air that she will expose her with secret recordings

– Fifty Shades of Whey (@ davenewworld_2) June 15, 2021

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