Tesla not violating labor legal guidelines at Giga Berlin: State Parliament

It has been determined that Tesla does not violate labor law in its German Gigafactory, better known as Giga Berlin, say members of the state parliament. After a meeting on Tuesday at which several MPs at the Giga Berlin site discussed their results, Tesla is not violating labor laws that protect workers and workers from unfair practices.

In a report earlier this week, Business Insider said the state health and safety agency, along with an agency mandated to investigate claims of breach of labor law, has been ordered to investigate the possibility of employees at the site under unfair conditions revised and paid below -par wages.

“The assessment is that the general work situation is great.” -Parliamentary member Ernst-Friedrich Pernack

The claims followed more negative reports of Tesla’s first European gigafactory earlier this week. The German media website Automobilwoche claimed that a member of Elon Musk’s inner circle had admitted that the Giga Berlin plant would not start producing cars until January 2022. Jörg Steinbach, the economics minister for Brandenburg, where the site is located, denied these claims and told Teslarati that he still assumes that Tesla will start production in “late summer or early autumn”.

However, at the meeting with parliament in Grünheide, the municipality in which the factory is located, members stated that there were no findings or “serious deficiencies” in Tesla’s working conditions. After visits and some inquiries this week, Members of Parliament tasked with discussing the findings said: “So far we have received no information that the conditions may be as unworthy as those in the press.”

There were reports of long working hours and unworthy working conditions on the Tesla construction site in # Grünheide.
In a meeting of the state parliament today, the responsible authorities reported and, as far as no serious deficiencies were found. Https://t.co/kyBcNHGIze

– GrünheideForFuture (@ Gruenheide4futr) May 5, 2021

The above tweet says (via google translate):

“There were reports of long working hours and unworthy working conditions at the Tesla construction site in # Grünheide. At today’s session of the state parliament, the responsible authorities reported and so far have not found any serious deficiencies. “

“The assessment is that the general work situation is great,” said one MP, Ernst-Friedrich Pernack, who spoke in detail about the situation. “Overall, the protection of workers compared to other large construction sites is very satisfactory, as few problems and accidents are not above average,” he added.

According to Pernack, a total of 17 visits to the Giga Berlin property were carried out in 2021 alone, which so far corresponds to about one visit per week. Concerns have not been raised by either Parliament or the Construction Trade Association, who also conduct the weekly inspections with MPs. There are ongoing investigations into working hours and some other issues, Pernack explained.

The 4680 supply from Tesla Giga Berlin will not and never should begin in Germany

Parliament’s comments on Tesla’s working conditions show that there are no violations of labor law at the German plant. Tesla said in its most recent update for the first quarter of 2021 that “production and deliveries will remain on track for late 2021.”

The part of the parliamentary session in which the working conditions of Giga Berlin are discussed is available below thanks to GrünheideForFuture.

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