Scandal-Plagued Matt Gaetz Wished a Assembly With Trump at Mar-a-Lago – however Received Denied: CNN

Another top aide Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has stepped down amid the growing scandals of suspected child trafficking and a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old.

Gaetz’s Legislative Advisor Devin Murphy resigned Friday last week, the New York Times reports. The Florida Republican hid the news, which had been circulating for almost a week.

Murphy, a highly controversial employee who was the subject of disturbing news reports in 2017, “told his employees that he was interested in writing bills and not working at TMZ,” reports the Times, according to one of the people everyone asked Not to be identified to discuss a sensitive personnel matter, he has dealt with the tabloid. “

Gaetz ‘communications director Luke Ball resigned last week, alleging “on principle”. But Ball’s principles apparently include supporting an anti-LGBTQ hate group and he is the founder of RightLife Media, a right-wing public relations agency.

Murphy has its own disturbing story.

“A GOP employee put together an anti-Clinton resolution from Reddit,” is the title of an article from 2017 on WIRED. “One change targeting Hillary Clinton and James Comey has its roots in r / The_Donald, a notoriously conspiratorial subreddit.”

The Gaetz-sponsored resolution called for “an investigation into the alleged wrongdoing of Hillary Clinton and James Comey”.

It was designed by Murphy, which Gaetz himself confirmed, WIRED reported.

Gaetz ’employee Devin Murphy, who is “looking for” citizen input:

– Natasha Bertrand (@NatashaBertrand) July 31, 2017

A congress assistant explained to WIRED why the solution was so problematic.

“If the purpose of prudential investigations is to find out the truth,” said the associate, “then using unfounded conspiracies as a starting point for direct investigation is completely counterproductive.”

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