Rudy Giuliani Suspended From Working towards Legislation Over ‘Demonstrably False and Deceptive Statements’: Report

Governor Ron DeSantis signed law requiring Florida students, faculty, and staff to put their political views on polls to promote “intellectual diversity” in colleges and universities, and the move sparked backlash on social media.

Critics have criticized the law, which DeSantis claims will promote freedom of expression, as a “thoroughly Orwellian” attempt to control academic debate in colleges.

Well, that’s Orwellian through and through. ? Faculty and Florida Students, You Know What To Do! Freep Mini Trump’s Stupid Poll!

State University Faculty, Students Asked About Beliefs

– Betty Cracker? (@bettycrackerfl) June 23, 2021

Florida is really trying to go full fascist by using the power and authority of the government to influence, silence, and promote preferred political positions.

– Jordan (@ChikooSlim) June 23, 2021

Well, that must be unconstitutional: Florida students must register political views with the state to promote “intellectual diversity”

– David Rothkopf (@djrothkopf) June 23, 2021

Florida is becoming dangerously full of right-wing extremists.
The Floridians shoot each other every day while Gov DeSantis continues to sign authoritarian edicts and the citizens applaud. Watch a nightmare in real time. Down is Up and Up is Down with palm trees and eroding beaches

– Natives & ImmigrantsAreUS (@ LillianRodrigu6) June 23, 2021

DeSantis wants to survey university students and staff, threatening budget cuts if he doesn’t get his way ???
Dear Florida College Students: It’s time to register your Jedi belief and fool it.

– Funny librarian in a mask (@PaulWartenberg) June 23, 2021

If you don’t think your survey responses will be sold to the highest bidders in conjunction with your ID, Florida might be for you.

– Heather Flyte (@hbflyte) June 23, 2021

Holy cow, this is dangerous. #Thought police

Florida requires university students and staff to conduct a survey to measure “intellectual diversity” –

– BD (@analogretentive) June 23, 2021

I raised two smart asses. If they went to college in Florida, they’d have great pleasure twisting Ronny’s fascist nonsense.

– Israel Jablonski (@IsrJablonski) June 23, 2021

Defending liberalism from illiberal wakefulness by * checking notes *, conducting ideological tests and threatening budget cuts for wrong thinking

– Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp) June 23, 2021

Fascist authoritarianism is taking another step forward in Florida.

– Rusty Cannon (@RustyCannon) June 23, 2021

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