Julian Castro joins civil rights group in rally in opposition to Trump go to to South Texas

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – Border communities from across the Rio Grande Valley, including some from Laredo, gathered for a peaceful demonstration in San Juan on Tuesday afternoon.

The rally took place at the headquarters of La Union Del Pueblo Entero (LUPE). The former HUD secretary and former mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro was there.

Organizers said they wanted to send a message to President Trump that he was not welcome during his visit to the border wall on Tuesday.

Juanita Valdez-Cox, executive director of LUPE, said the group did not want to hold a rally near Trump supporters as they feared violence could break out after last week’s events at the Capitol.

Valdez-Cox says families in the valley faced difficult times during Trump’s presidency, adding that what happened last week was instigated by the president.

Castro says he came to LUPE because he wanted to come down today to say he was up to the valley. Castro adds that the most important thing about Trump’s presidency is “not the wall he built around us but the one he built between us,” calling the wall a separation between neighbors.

“What we want to say here today is that we have had enough of this division and hatred and bigotry. We have enough, ya Basta! “Said Castro.

Castro said everything Trump stands for has failed and it is time to turn the page and assume everything to the contrary.

LUPE organizers say they want everyone to know that this is a peaceful organization, but if there is injury in the community, people need to speak up.

Valdez-Cox said the money spent on trips to Texas could have been better spent.

“Not to welcome him, but to tell him that he is spending valuable resources to come here if he could have used them for the vaccines we need. We know our area is a hot spot for COVID, so such more meaningful things should be what it should be doing, ”she said.

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