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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have labeled House minority leader Kevin McCarthy “pathetic” for refusing to stand up to a newly elected congresswoman.

Senate minority chairman Mitch McConnell condemned MP Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and the conspiracy theories she advocated, but Morning Joe co-hosts beat up McCarthy for defying calls, the newly elected legislature to get out of the way.

“You know, Mitch McConnell was talking about the crazy conspiracy theories about 9/11, JFK Jr., Sandy Hook,” Scarborough said. “He didn’t even have to bring up the other horrific things she’s posted on Facebook over the past few years, about the assassination of Nancy Pelosi, the lynching of Barack Obama, the lynching of Hillary Clinton and those other horrific acts, and calls for violence against presidents, state secretaries. Not violence, the killing, the assassination of our nation’s leaders. “

“This is untenable,” he added, “and the Republicans in the House know this is untenable and you are wondering why Mitch McConnell is one of the few votes in the Senate to do this.” We have to put on our hats [Rep.] Adam Kinzinger, he’s really open about that. You can meet at a phone booth in the Republican caucus of the house. “

Co-host Willie Geist agreed, saying it shouldn’t be hard to get a legislator who has just arrived in Washington DC out of the way with all the baggage Greene is carrying.

“This is a simple thing, which is why McConnell got out and said,” Hey, look Kevin McCarthy, if you don’t want to say anything about a member of your caucus on the side of the house, “said Geist.” Mitch McConnell just doesn’t throw bombs on the other side of the house, he doesn’t even criticize Republicans outdoors. He may do it privately, but this was a full, clear, and detailed criticism of this freshman congressman for shattering the Republican brand and easy to criticize If you cannot criticize all of the things you have set out, where is the party? Where is the party? “

“Democrats are trying to remove this woman from her committee duties. They’ll be voting for it in the next few days, but Republicans, notably Kevin McCarthy, the minority leader, have planned to meet her sometime this week.” I’ll be checking into her next week – instead of coming out publicly and saying what needs to be said to cross her because he’s scared of her and her voters, “added Geist. “Think about it. The minority leader in the house is afraid of this congressman.”

Brzezinski was disgusted.

“Yes, that’s pathetic,” she said.

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