Gaetz Declares ‘I Am Completely Not Resigning’ as GOP Leaders Promise to Name on Him to Give up – Provided that He’s Indicted

Like the scandal around MP Matt Gaetz The Florida Republican Congressman is trying to push back. A former employee holds a press event at which he admits he has no evidence that Gaetz is innocent, and Gaetz himself publishes a comment in a right-wing media company that promises not to step down.

“I have absolutely not resigned,” says Gaetz in the Washington Examiner, insisting that calls to end it are hypocritical and cautious because he “has decided to take over the most powerful institutions in the Beltway.”

He insists that he wasn’t guilty of some very specific allegations: “I’ve never paid for sex before. Second, as a grown man, I didn’t sleep with a 17 year old. “

And in the very typical MAGA mode, Gaetz said to his supporters: “They are not coming for me – they are coming for you. I’m just in the way “

In an odd twist, the Republican leadership has announced that it will call on Gaetz to resign, but only if he is indicted and they won’t wait for the Democrats to demand his resignation, MSNBC’s Kyle Griffin, citing Punchbowl News, says.

Democrats put pressure on Gaetz and the Republican leadership.

“Of course, if these claims are true, the least that can be done is to be removed from the judiciary committee,” spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi told reporters from the judiciary committee late last week, which was wanted by at least one Democratic legislature. “

The spokesman added, “From what we’ve heard so far, this would be an ethics committee matter.”

And California Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu tweeted to Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy last week, “You don’t seem to get it. If it is true that MP Matt Gaetz is involved in the sex trade, he must resign and be prosecuted. Meanwhile, Gaetz cannot sit on the congressional committee that oversees the department investigating him. “

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The contribution Gaetz declares “I have absolutely not resigned” as GOP leaders promise to ask him to resign – only when he is indicted did he first appear in the New Civil Rights Movement.

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