Fox Information Host Goes Off on Crazed Rant Attacking Biden Little one Tax Credit score ‘Hike’

Fox News business anchor Charles Payne has made a shockingly bogus set of statements attacking the expansion of the child tax break in Biden, which goes into effect July 15, will file their annual income tax returns in order to receive the funds up to a year later.

Not after Payne, who somehow managed to tie in the child tax credit Critical Race Theory, falsely claiming that it was only for parents who “don’t work”, suggested that it will create a cycle of poverty for generations while “young women” have more children so they can “make” more money instead to “develop their God”. Gifts given. “

Literally not a word of this is true.

“Fox & Friends” presenter Steve Doocy introduced the segment and appeared to be supporting the program. Payne quickly turned the conversation upside down and politicized what most American families would welcome as extra money to help with childcare or food, rent, health care, or maybe even starting a business.

“This is aimed at paying people extra money when they are not working,” Payne said, which is wrong. The New York Post, sister of Fox News, reports that the expanded child tax credit “is available to couples earning $ 150,000 or less per year, householders earning $ 112,500 or less, and individuals earning $ 75,000 or less, and individuals earning $ 75,000 or less per year earn less ”.

Payne immediately likened it to giving these parents – 36 million families – what can only be described as the racist “welfare queen” rhetoric of Ronald Reagan. The Chyron called it a “tax credit increase” which could easily be misunderstood as a “tax increase” by those who weren’t fully careful.

“And this is where it gets very dangerous,” said Payne. “It doesn’t replace anything. If you’re on Medicaid, if you’re on SNAP, if you’re on WIC, if you’re a grocery brand, if you’re on Section 8 placement, it doesn’t affect it. You don’t have to work, you don’t have to try to work. So what we’re going to do is get young women, you know, young women, who sit around and maybe say, ‘I’m not sure what my economic possibilities are,’ ”he claimed. which is wrong and sexist as the payments are made to the parents, not just “young ladies”.

Payne went on to say that the child tax credit is “becoming a very attractive alternative to making it in society, and you’ve known those stories with CRT all morning,” he said, somehow connecting it to the child race theory for that is’ ​​the declared right the aim to combine the critical race theory with everything that conservatives do not like.

“But if I go this route, I get more money every time I have another child,” he complained. Republicans have falsely asserted that they are “for the family” for years, but fail to make policies that support families.

“Of course this breaks my heart because I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the Great Welfare Society firsthand, I’ve lived in the middle of it,” Payne said, calling it “a heartbreaking, insidious and nasty thing.”

There is no such thing as a “great welfare society”.

The Great Society was a series of programs under President Lyndon Johnson that expanded President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal”.

Payne falsely claimed that “The people you say you are helping will never be given an alternative to saying, ‘Hey, I was born with some God-given gifts. I want to dig in, I want to find out what they are. I want to cultivate it. I want, I want to feed them. ‘ Now you would never do that. “

In addition to doing just that, the child tax break program helps parents focus on work and focus on their family.


Fox presenter verbosely links child tax credits to what he calls “critical racial theory,” lamenting that people make money for every child they have so they don’t develop their talents. Just a bunch of verbose, confused, jumbled nonsense.

– Bobby Lewis (@revrrlewis) June 22, 2021

Thanks to Bobby Lewis from Media Matters for the video.

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