Democrats to Reveal Proof In opposition to Trump That ‘No one Has Seen Earlier than’ Throughout His Trial

One of the many arguments put forward by former President Donald Trump’s attorneys defending him in his second impeachment trial is that he could not possibly have caused the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

At the beginning of her show on Tuesday, MSNBC presenter Nicolle Wallace read the case against Trump published by House Impeachment Managers. In response, Trump and his attorneys submitted their response, which Wallace found particularly puzzling.

“Your reasoning is mostly focused on process items,” she said. “It is unconstitutional to indict a president when he is not in office. We’ll be working on debunking this in a moment, but for now, her arguments about substance, especially the words her client uttered publicly, are also interesting. The following seems to be the best they could come up with: “It is denied that the phrase,” If you don’t fight like hell, you will have no more land “has nothing to do with the action of the Capitol it was clearly about the need to fight for electoral security. ‘What? So the insurgents didn’t understand Trump’s words at all. “

It showed videos of Trump’s supporters watching his speech. When Trump told them to “fight like hell” and “march to the Capitol,” they started yelling and “take the Capitol!”

“And that also complicates the defense attorney’s case,” Wallace said, citing reports that Trump was gleefully watching the attack on the Capitol from the White House. “We all know now that Donald Trump went home and watched the riot for hours on live television. I didn’t even take calls. And he never rushed to Twitter to clarify, “whoa, whoa, wait, my supporters misunderstood me.” He didn’t address the American people until much later as President. Until much of the damage was done hours after the Capitol broke in and even then told the insurgents he loved them. “

See their opener below:

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