Union takes purpose at HCA exec compensation in advert marketing campaign

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The Service Employees International Union, which represents more than 1 million healthcare workers, is targeting HCA Healthcare in Nashville, Tennessee to host what is known as a runaway executive competition in a flash of advertising.

Ads include direct mail to local residents and a television commercial about executive pay versus employee pay. The campaign focuses on the compensation of HCA CEO Sam Hazen, who received $ 30 million in his sophomore year at the top. According to the union, Mr. Hazen earns more than 1,000 times the annual wages of tens of thousands of HCA frontline workers.

SEIU health workers started the campaign after HCA’s annual general meeting, at which shareholders voted against a measure to investigate the role quality metrics play in executive compensation.

An HCA spokesman told Beckers Hospital Review that the union’s advertising campaign was based on misleading and inaccurate information and was launched in part because of the company’s decision not to renew a labor neutrality agreement with SEIU.

“The campaign staged by SEIU is based on misleading and inaccurate information. Most daunting, however, is the lack of respect and compassion this union shows our nurses and colleagues who show up every day to look after others,” said an HCA- Spokesman Becker’s hospital report. “Last year, HCA Healthcare decided not to renew a labor neutrality agreement with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) that gave them the freedom to organize multiple hospitals without the organization’s voice being heard.”

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