Anti-LGBTQ Former Gov. Pat McCrory Launches US Senate Run in Trumpish ‘America First’ Video Focusing on Kamala Harris

Former Republican Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory just started a run for the US Senate. As the first Republican to have partisan control of the North Carolina House and Senate since 1870, McCrory spent much of his four years as governor attacking LGBTQ and minority communities and signing conservative laws that cut the national news that often focused on the Tar Heel State, so split.

Now, after losing re-election in 2016 and making him a governor for one term, McCrory has released a video announcing his campaign, which is full of falsehoods, echoes of Trumpism, and targets Vice President Kamala Harris.

“50-50,” says McCrory in his first Senate campaign ad. “The United States Senate is split in the middle. 50 Republicans, 50 Democrats, and that blames Vice President Kamala Harris and gives the left whatever they want to radically change America for generations to come, ”McCrory fears, even though President Joe Biden has an astonishingly high approval rating and the legislation that he has signed and is currently advocating, such as infrastructure and employment legislation, is supported by seven in ten Americans.

“Harris and Biden open our borders before they even open our schools,” he says, which is a lie on both counts, especially since opening or closing schools is a state and local decision.

“You’re raising your taxes and even the price of gasoline,” wrong again, unless you make $ 400,000 a year.

“I’ve faced the tough fights and the Liberals attacked me for it,” says McCrory. Except that it wasn’t just liberals who attacked him.

Dozens of companies attacked his policies. The US Department of Justice sued him. And there were national boycotts in North Carolina over McCrory’s anti-LGBTQ HB2 law, which appealed to transgender people through the use of toilets and invalidated all local non-discrimination regulations, even for veterans.

North Carolina lost millions in revenue to McCrory.

“It’s time we banded together and took the Senate back from Kamala Harris,” says McCrory.

“So I’m in,” he explains. “Let’s put America first and bring conservative, common sense from North Carolina to Washington.”

Note the “America first” dog whistle for pro-Trump voters.

After losing his race for re-election, McCrory hosted a radio show and cursed the “African American vote” and the number of blacks getting public office in his hometown.

“We have become a very separate political system in Charlotte-Mecklenburg (county),” complained McCrory of the “tremendous change in the dynamics” of the political system, warning that “Democrats” control the city, “as opposed to diversity. ” We had that in the political system ten years ago. “

“The Black Political Caucus has total control over the Democratic Party,” McCrory claimed in Charlotte. “Because the demographic development in the primaries is that the African-American voice dominates the democratic primaries. So if all elections in Charlotte-Mecklenburg are determined by the democratic primary, then all primary elections are determined by the black political caucus. “

Check out McCrory’s new ad for his Senate campaign:

For the past few years I’ve sat on the sidelines and watched people like Chuck Schumer and the Left drag this country towards radically liberal politics.

I can no longer sit on the sidelines.

So I’m in!

– Pat McCrory (@PatMcCroryNC) April 14, 2021

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