Kelly Loeffler Refuses to Acknowledge Biden’s Electoral Faculty Win 6 Occasions in Simply Two Minutes

On Wednesday, CNN Washington correspondent Ryan Nobles released a clip of a press conference held by Senator Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) asking six times about President-elect Joe Biden’s victory and making an effort not to recognize Biden’s Win in her response to one of them.

When asked whether she would like to join the planned objection to the results of the electoral college in the House of Representatives, she said, for example: “January 6th is still a long way off. There is a lot to play until then. “And when asked if she ever intended to recognize Biden as the winner, she said,” Look, there will be a time when this comes true. “

See below:

In this 2m clip @KLoeffler is asked six times about Biden’s victory.
She refuses to answer any of the very specific questions directly.
This is a small sampling of the full presser who refused to answer a few simple questions.
(Examples on this thread)

– Ryan Nobles (@ryanobles) December 16, 2020

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