Neighborhood activists, civil rights legal professional say manslaughter cost for former Brooklyn Heart officer ‘not sufficient’

“From my point of view, this shows a ruthless disregard for black life, it shows anti-blackness and white supremacy,” said Levy-Armstrong. “Potter must be held accountable under the law, and I believe she should be charged with second or third degree murder.”

Union organizer and Minneapolis city council candidate Robin Wonsley said the manslaughter charge was inconsistent with the crime and needed improvement to send a stronger message.

“Create higher fees and have a mandate that any peace officer who comes to our community will not execute us,” Wonsley said. “You won’t be the jury and you won’t be the hangman of our lives.”

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association said it did not comment on the manslaughter charge.

Potter’s attorney, Earl Gray, also declined to comment.

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