A whole lot of Principally Maskless Trump Supporters Hug as COVID Truther Brags ‘It is a Mass-Spreader Occasion!’

In a deep dive into the growing distrust of the American electoral system that exploded under Donald Trump, fans of the president told Politico that they see no way the president could lose on election day if he wasn’t betrayed.

Some Trump supporters focused on Luzerne County, in the Pennsylvania battlefield, which was the focus of a national debate over mail-in votes after a volunteer threw away nine ballot papers that President supporters jumped on to represent their case, which the incident confirmed just their belief that the elections against the sitting president are rigged.

Politico’s Tim Alberta wrote, “Nobody here knows exactly how a phone call about nine discarded ballots reclaimed by the bureau chief turned into a Justice Department press release. The US Attorney’s Office did not respond to my request for comment. But the sudden escalation of events and the extraordinary exposure of voters’ voting preferences created a media frenzy. Local and national news raved about the story, and the coverage blew wildly disproportionate to the events that happened in the aftermath. “

The way the Justice Department quickly got caught up in a minor glitch was an indication of how the Trump administration is fueling paranoia about the elections, according to Kathy Bozinski, chairwoman of the Luzerne County Democrats.

“I was a journalist here for many years. I’ve seen a million press releases from the Middle District office and there was never a single good detail to extract. Those statements were always so vague that it drove you crazy, ”she explained.

The president told reporters, “You are sending millions of ballots across the country. There is fraud. They found them in streams. They found some – which happened to have the name Trump – in a trash recently. They are sent everywhere. This will be a scam unlike any you’ve seen before, ”the President’s supporters reiterate his views.

In an interview with Politico, a supporter of the president claimed he saw no way that Democratic challenger Joe Biden could win without cheating.

“If Trump loses, the Supreme Court must have called a new election. You should examine all those ballots that were thrown away and give him four more years on that basis alone. They’re trying to trick him out of office, ”complained Frank Kibler, a 51-year-old Trump supporter.

He pointed to the office where the ballot papers were thrown away and said, “Don’t tell me you didn’t throw them away on purpose. The ballots were for Trump and they don’t want Trump to be re-elected – it’s that simple “before adding,” There’s obviously someone in this office who doesn’t like him and they’re trying to stop him. It’s nothing new – the same thing that happened to Russia and the whole Mueller investigation and then the impeachment matter. This is just the latest way to get him out of the job. “

Kibler’s comments were echoed by Lynn Bartz, the district chairman of the local GOP, who also cited the election issue, which was later dismissed as a minor incident recognized early because the system was working.

“I’m sorry, but it wasn’t an accident. It was on purpose. We all know that, ”she said. “It’s the way they played this game, how they tried to start Trump from day one. Whether it was Russia or the impeachment or Covid now, it keeps moving forward. And now they’re trying to hit him the best they can. “

Urged on whether Biden – who has a comfortable lead in most national polls – could actually be the front runner – Bartz immediately dismissed this.

“No. I don’t think President Trump can lose fairly,” she replied. “If he loses, it’s because he was betrayed. I’m sorry. That’s exactly what I believe.”

She added that she believes the vote count has been overboard in the past, but it has changed with the advent of mass mail-in voting.

“Obama won fair and fair, but this election was held according to the old rules,” she said. “This new way of voting, all these postal ballots, I don’t trust it. They don’t know where they come from and who is filling them out. “

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Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr and a CC license

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