Seth Rogen, Lauren Rogen name for paid family and medical depart in op-ed

Comedian Seth Rogen and actress Lauren Rogen called for a nationally paid family and sick leave policy in a new comment.

The couple said in an article published by CNN on Saturday that Lauren Rogen’s mother died last year after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s 15 years ago.

“As part of their care team, we learned what it means to raise parents as the disease has cheated Lauren’s mother of her ability to do the daily chores we take for granted, from eating to bathing to getting dressed, for herself to be done, “wrote the couple. “We kind of lived in the shadows these early years – it was a time when people quietly whispered about the disease.”

“Through our care experience, we have learned that the government and most employers provide little to no care resources for people, especially young people. We have learned the ugly truth that the United States is the only developed nation without a national paid family vacation policy that helps people balance out caring for older loved ones while at work, ”they continued.

The couple noticed that President BidenJoe BidenBiden on Trump’s acquittal: “The substance of the charge is beyond dispute” White House press secretary resigns after threatening to convict Politico reporter TrumpThe $ 1.9 trillion COVID-19 stimulus proposal includes a minimum of two weeks of paid vacation for American employees, as well as 12 weeks of vacation for caring for children or family members related to coronavirus.

“Today, the Covid-19 pandemic exposed the supply crisis in America and showed how urgently we need measures such as paid family vacation and medical leave to rebuild the country’s economy. The last pandemic relief package passed by Congress in December left out these essential provisions for all caregivers, from parents to caregivers of older adults, ”wrote Lauren and Seth Rogen on Saturday

“As a new Presidential Administration and Congress provide a path for long-term economic recovery, now is the time for us to scream and scream for the relief that those of us who work day and night need to care for our parents and to care for the other people we love, “they added.

They specifically urged lawmakers to pass laws aimed at families caring for elderly relatives. They also called on lawmakers to “relieve home care workers who had to leave their jobs or take low-paying jobs,” in addition to other political priorities.

Seth and Lauren Rogen founded the nonprofit Hilarity for Charity in 2012, which helps families caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s disease, “educates young people about healthy brains,” and more, according to the website.

Seth Rogen also testified before lawmakers about Alzheimer’s disease.

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