‘You Are the Purpose They Must Be There’

US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO), a leader of the violent January 6th uprising, comes under fire after posing with members of his home state’s National Guard guarding the Washington, DC Capitol

The infamous photo of Sen. Hawley standing outside the U.S. Capitol, raising his arm against the U.S. Constitution and calling for insurgents attempting a coup, while he and his fellow traitors conspire to overthrow a free and fair election, has become a symbol of the attack not only on the Capitol, but also on democracy itself.

Vanity Fair reported on Monday: “Not every legislator is plagued by the insurrection. Indeed, some are doing quite well. Take Josh Hawley, for example: the Missouri Republican, who with Ted Cruz helped direct Donald Trump’s efforts to overcome his Senate election loss, has been running a fundraiser since the 6th and his role as an instigator in a MAGA money transport -Believers brought in. According to Politico, Hawley raised over $ 3 million for nearly 60,000 donations in the first quarter of the year – a huge increase compared to that last cycle when the Senator only received $ 43,000 for freshmen. “

On Wednesday, Hawley stood up for his sanctimonious photo op.

I am honored to meet @Missouri_NG’s 220th Engineer Construction Company who proudly supported the Capitol Police – special thanks to Specialist Ben Laws and Sergeant Trey Lawrence for their excellent service while the unit was on duty. You make Missouri proud pic.twitter.com/DC5v2yYhsb

– Josh Hawley (@ HawleyMO) April 14, 2021

Several social media users found that he was wearing the exact same outfit as the day he led the insurgents.

It’s the same gd suit and tie 😡

– Resolve.Action.Love (@ Snowman55403) April 15, 2021

His attempt to whitewash his role was not well received.

Myself and my colleagues from the World Mental Health Coalition (https://t.co/lmPwaQC3Qp) have warned against delaying the prosecution of perpetrators and co-conspirators for psychological reasons. Now criminals are being encouraged everywhere, including in the US Congress.

– Bandy X Lee, MD, MDiv (@ BandyXLee1) April 15, 2021

Also known as “Return to the Crime Scene”

– Sam Cohen (@cohenss) April 15, 2021


– Benjamin Dreyer (@BCDreyer) April 15, 2021

“No @SenateGOP has done more to breathe life into the lie that the election was stolen and that Trump’s supporters sincerely stormed the Capitol than Josh @HawleyMO, who literally cheered the mob on as he prepared to storm the halls of Congress ” # Never forget

– Maggie Jordan (@MaggieJordanACN) April 15, 2021

Capitol police, you say? The ones you led a murderous MAGA mob to attack on January 6th? Do you think we’ve forgotten your role in it? Do you think we’ll ever forget your treasonous behavior? pic.twitter.com/1DRTHfhjYo

– FULLY VACCINATE (@ Litzz11) April 15, 2021

Hawley is a fascist traitor. Period. A common disease among cult Republicans.

– Tim Murphy (@ Murp1953Tim) April 15, 2021

You’re the reason the guard had to guard the Capitol, Josh. Your lies fueled the murderous mob.

– Mark Jacob (@ MarkJacob16) April 15, 2021

Dude, you are the reason they have to be there. You have sided with the terrorists.

– Tyler King (@TylerAKing) April 15, 2021

They are there because YOU supported the uprising. You are such a greedy, hideous shame for the office you hold.

– AnnieB (@AnnieBSoCal) April 15, 2021


– Mark James (@ MarkJam92731126) April 15, 2021

Seditionists shouldn’t stand next to heroes
Never forget the 01/06/21 pic.twitter.com/JTcJXsfuxc

– Cathy Coleman (@CathyJoeGPT) April 15, 2021

You are here because you instigated a riot on January 6th. # NeverForgetJanuary6th @SenHawleyPress pic.twitter.com/8rIGTNJW47

– Pete 🇺🇸🆘 (@peteginsd) April 15, 2021

The @Missouri_NG is something Missouri should be proud of. You @HawleyMO, on the other hand, are a shame to your office and don’t deserve to share a photo with these brave, honorable people who are there for * your actions * (in the same ill-fitting suit!).

Step back. pic.twitter.com/hi73DgZl0J

– Jessica Kia (@JessicaKia) April 15, 2021

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