MSNBC’s Morning Joe Rips Aside Report on Trump’s Notorious Lafayette Park Picture Op

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has torn apart apologies from a Donald Trump appointee for his infamous June 1, 2020 photo op in Lafayette Square.

Federal agents fired chemical irritants at peaceful protesters ahead of the visit that saw Trump holding up a Bible in front of a historic church. The host was skeptical that then Attorney General William Barr would have been involved in day-to-day decisions about park maintenance.

“He could be the director of scaffolding for Lafayette Park, I apologize to William Barr,” said Scarborough. “Little did I know he could try to undermine Jeffersonian democracy, undermine 220 years of check-and-balance, and be responsible for the scaffolding in Lafayette Park. If so, I apologize. But if not, then let’s look again at the part where he comes out before Trump comes out and he asks that question. ‘Are these people still here when POTUS comes out?’ ”Said Scarborough. “The task force commander replies to Mr. Barr: ‘Are you kidding me?’ Then he hung his head and walked away, the report said, and shortly after the new scaffolding manager for Lafayette Park came out and told them in no uncertain terms that they should clear the park before Donald Trump got out, it began violent confrontation.

“Children, take what you want to make of this bedtime story or morning story,” he continued. “But actually, if you’re using your wits – by the way, I apologize for that … [Bible is] not upside down, that’s backwards. He is [Trump] hold the Bible backwards. As a certain Oklahoma senator said, I’ve been in Sunday School for 50 years and I’ve never seen anyone hold a Bible like this. But if you feel better about picking up a report that doesn’t cover the entire event and completely ignoring the words of the Lafayette Park scaffolding manager, go for it. ”

“But that’s terribly thin gruel,” added Scarborough, “terribly thin gruel if you rely on it. Good luck with it.”

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