Whitmer to name for increasing civil rights law to incorporate LGBTQ protections

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is expected to officially use her legislative support on Monday to add LGBTQ protection to Michigan’s Civil Rights Act.

In the past, GOP leaders blocked votes on similar bills. And Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey is against it. Another Republican, Senator Jim Runestad, said on Michigan public television Friday that he also had questions about protecting religious rights.

“Obviously this is something that requires a lot of balance,” said Runestad. “You have a balance between the individual’s right to act as he would with regard to his or her religious beliefs and the individual’s right not to be discriminated against. I should see what this bill looks like. “

Democratic Senator Jeremy Moss said the bill would clear the legislature if it were put to a vote or if a petition managed to get the issue on the ballot next year.

“We will get to a place either through legislation or through a public vote to enshrine LGBT protection in state law,” Moss said. He said the public already supports the expansion of anti-discrimination protection.

Legislation is what is behind it, so we really need to double up and take the case from legislator to legislator to legislator because, by and large, there is public support for it, ”Moss said.

A petition campaign has also put in signatures for a citizen-initiated law that could either be passed by lawmakers or elected in 2022. The state is in the process of counting and validating the names.

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