Twitter Banning Extremists Like QAnon Is ‘Very Scary’ As a result of You Cannot Make Choices ‘Based mostly on Fact’

“Right-bladder-induced ignorance of the right-wing media”

Overnight, the Trump campaign published 234 pages of affidavits from election observers claiming to have witnessed election fraud or other forms of alleged interference.

They were quickly panned online.

Here is a well-known national security attorney criticizing the claims made by Trump campaign spokesman Kayleigh McEnany and RNC chairman Ronna McDaniel:

These affidavits didn’t surprise anyone and turned out to be a lot of nothing. Claims they are not allowed to be as close to the counters as they wanted, confusion over ballot re-scanning, “liberal bias” etc

– Bradley P. Moss (@BradMossEsq) November 11, 2020

Reuters DC reporter Brad Heath published several excerpts from the affidavits as examples, reporting: “These are mainly allegations that they could not get as close to the count as they wanted, not re-enter the room after they left could etc. Hübsch standard elective material. “

However, one person claims that an affidavit “appears to have been digitally altered after it was written”.

This handwritten statement appears to have been digitally altered after it was written. Image manipulation analysis courtesy of:

– Adam Kline PhD (@DrADKline) November 11, 2020

A GOP election observer complained that the independent lawyers were “ideologically far left” and that whenever a GOP employee was removed from the room by the police, “most of the entire room would burst into cheers and laughter “.

A Republican election observer said the independent lawyers watching the trial appeared to him to be quite liberal.

– Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 11, 2020

Another GOP election observer said the military should have voted for Trump.

A Republican election observer found it suspicious that members of the military would vote for Joe Biden.

– Brad Heath (@bradheath) November 11, 2020

National security attorney Mark Zaid weighed in and mocked the affidavits:

Thread ????

I strongly recommend a wide circulation of this thread summarizing what is in the GOP’s alleged affidavits about election fraud.

These are laughed at out of court.

– Mark S. Zaid (@MarkSZaidEsq) November 11, 2020

Some answers:

So the main complaint seems to be that the poll workers “had an attitude”? Meanwhile, Trumpers stand in front of polling stations yelling “stop the count” because they don’t like how the count is going.

– Jeanette Mask Up! Protect Yourself From The Trump Virus (@Deja_Great) November 11, 2020

I almost spit my coffee? These people are cartoon characters

– Chuck Todd’s Shamble Bangs (@Drea_got_rage) November 11, 2020

“They made fun of me and disagreed on politics and that’s why the election was stolen.” Lmao, these sore losers have to find a real lawyer or they’ll be laughed at out of court again. Https:// / GQlFI0OLf4

– marcusw (@cryptonomaly) November 11, 2020

My husband served on Operation Enduring Freedom. 13 years later, he is scheduled to return to the Middle East within the year. He has been in our state since April 2, helping the health department distribute and administer Covid-19 tests. We are democrats.

– Sally M (@saldowell) November 11, 2020

All of these “affidavits” add credibility to what I saw at the Detroit TCF Center. GOP challengers started by thinking that there was cheating and they were there to stop it. Your ignorance of the process = fraud. Your ignorance of veterans = fraud. Your fear of black people = fraud. Pathetic.

– Danielle L. McGuire (@ dmcguire13) November 11, 2020

Q. Tries to privatize the VA
G. messed up the post office so that their medication was a month late.
H. Dealing with peaceful protesters in DC
H. Mocked soldiers who died in our greatest battles in WWI and WWII and treated them like they were nothing for dying.

– RJ ???? (@RJalias) November 11, 2020

Incredible how some of these legal challenges posed by the GOP, as affidavits, are evidence of their myopia and the ignorance caused by the right-wing media bubble. Https://

– Ishaan Tharoor (@ishaantharoor) November 11, 2020

LOL! Oh my God…

What the hell did these people expect?

Trump called them idiots and losers and STILL has not condemned Putin to this day for imposing a price on American soldiers.

I don’t know why I find this so amusing.
Really, I lol’d.
I may need more coffee.

– Holly Figueroa O’Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) November 11, 2020

That sounds like … maintenance? Was he watching maintenance?

– Jonathan Myerson Katz (@KatzOnEarth) November 11, 2020

Oh brother? This is referred to as “cleaning and then testing the ballot scanner with a packet of bogus votes”.

I can’t roll my eyes far enough.

– By Firth (@Van_Firth) November 11, 2020

This will result in a great bathroom book

– jewelryyducky (backup) (@FengShuit) November 11, 2020

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