Famend Civil Rights Advocate Howard Ball Writes Memoir of Days in Mississippi

This compelling memoir tells the story of Howard Ball, a lifelong civil rights attorney, author, and political scientist when he relocated his family from New York to Mississippi in the 1970s and faced the raw reality of racism. After Ball accepted a position building the political science department at Mississippi State University, he worked to desegregate the department, extend the 1965 Suffrage Act, and overturn a Mississippi ACLU decision to defend the KKK – while he was racism and Was exposed to prejudice for his work and as a Jew.

Howard Ball is the author or co-author of nearly two dozen books, including A Defiant Life: Thurgood Marshall and the Persistence of Racism in America and Murder in Mississippi: US versus Price and the Fight for Civil Rights. Take the Fight South will appeal to general readers interested in activism, civil rights, US history, or Jewish memoirs.

Taking the Fight South will be released in February 2021. A PDF review and press release are attached to this email. I will be happy to send a pressure-bound galley to your remote workstation or to put you in touch with the author. Digital review copies are available from Edelweiss.

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