TV tonight: the civil rights lawyer elected Philadelphia’s high lawman | Tv & radio

Philadelphia DA

10 p.m., BBC Four

A remarkable eight-part series from Storyville, following the election of outsider and progressive prosecutor Larry Krasner as district attorney for Philadelphia – a city with one of the highest incarceration rates in the United States. We opened in autumn 2017, when civil rights activist Krasner submitted his application, much to the amazement of the public prosecutor’s office – an institution against which he had sued a large part of his career. And it doesn’t take long for him to cause controversy by announcing a proposed new cash deposit policy.
Ammar Kalia

Holby City

7:20 p.m., BBC One

There is much doom and darkness in the hospital this week, with the lives of two patients at stake. Jeong and Josh both face tough periods of work when Fletch’s daughter is operated on. Meanwhile, Lucky admits that she made a bad decision after tragic consequences.
Hannah Verdier

Bake Off: The professionals

8 p.m., channel 4

The preliminaries continue while the five teams are tasked with making 24 identical carrot-shaped desserts that don’t taste like vegetables. Then judges Benoit and Cherish are looking for towering, symmetrical Religieuse-à-l’ancienne pastries. IF

Truk Lagoon: Remnants of the War

8:35 p.m., PBS America

In the eyes of the United States, the attack on Pearl Harbor required a violent response. Hence the 1944 Operation Hailstone, an air raid on the Japanese center of naval operations. Many ships have been sunk – this documentary examines the doomed fleet.
Phil Harrison

999: What’s your emergency?

9 p.m., channel 4

More than 13,000 British pubs have closed since the turn of the century. Accordingly, the amount of alcohol sold for personal consumption has skyrocketed. Tonight’s episode shows what happens when house parties go horribly wrong, like the South Yorkshire Police Department.
Ali Catterall


9 p.m., alibi

The crime thriller starring Dervla Kirwan reaches its climax and the reveal of how Val’s estranged husband Denis (Stuart Graham) died on their birthday party night. Sgt Manning (Michael Patric) records Calum for questioning and when CCTV footage shows him on the night in question, he becomes the prime suspect. IF

Film selection

Dillon Freasier and Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood from 2007. Photo: Allstar / Miramax / Sportsphoto / Allstar

There will be blood (Paul Thomas Anderson, 2007.)) 11.10 a.m., 8 p.m., Sky Cinema Greats

Daniel Day-Lewis’ Oscar-winning twist is the dark heart of Anderson’s tale of blood, sweat, and black gold in 20th century California. His Daniel Plainview, prospector who became an oil tycoon, is partly a violent monster, partly a loving father: a larger than life character in a true American film epic.
Paul Howlett

Live sports

Cricket: India – New Zealand 10 a.m., Sky Sports Main Event.
World Test Championship Final from the Ageas Bowl.

UEFA Euro 2020 Football / Soccer: Czech Republic – England 7pm, ITV.Group D meet at Wembley Stadium.

UEFA Euro 2020 Football / Soccer: Croatia – Scotland Croatia 7 p.m., ITV4.
Group D game from Hampden Park.

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