Gaetz Slammed With ‘4 Pinocchios’ for Declare Information Show He Did not Journey With 17-Yr Outdated

“Crickets” and “Radio Silence”

Washington Post Fact Checker Analysis there MP Matt Gaetz (R-FL) rated “Four Pinocchios” for his false claim on national television that his travelogues show he did not travel with a 17-year-old girl, a potential crime the DOJ is investigating. Four Pinocchios is reserved for the most extreme lies, which the Post calls “Whoppers”.

“We searched all available records and found nothing to support Gaetz’s claim,” writes the Post. “We have repeatedly asked his employees to show us the documents and have heard crickets. We asked Gaetz directly – nothing, radio silence. “

After a New York Times bombing Tuesday night, Gaetz, a Florida extremist Republican closely associated with former President Donald Trump and a supporter of the QAnon Caucus, went on Fox News to try to clear his name. The Times alleges that Gaetz is being investigated by the DOJ for underage sex trafficking and a sexual relationship with a minor, 17-year-old girl.

“It’s a terrible accusation and it’s a lie,” Gaetz told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. “The New York Times tells a story I toured with a 17 year old woman that has been proven to be wrong. People can look at my travel documents and find out that it doesn’t. “

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“I didn’t have a relationship with a 17 year old. This is completely wrong, ”he added. “And records will confirm this is wrong.”

The Washington Post went to great lengths to verify Gaetz’s claim that the allegations were “demonstrably false” and his “travelogues … will confirm this as false”.

“We found that Gaetz ‘line about’ travel records’ is a complete smoke screen. You don’t refute anything, ”reports the Swiss Post’s fact checker. “Gaetz puts up a smoke screen and falsely reassures the audience with no evidence.”

Only some members of Congress are public, but Gaetz and his office have refused to respond to repeated requests from the Post for records to substantiate his claims.

“We have repeatedly asked Gaetz’s Chief of Staff Jillian Lane Wyant and his spokesman Luke Ball to show us the travelogues that allegedly expose the allegations and received no response. We also sent an SMS directly to Gaetz with our request and received no response. “

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“Gaetz says the records will erase his name. But when we asked to see her, neither he nor his staff acknowledged our questions. That’s very lazy, ”concluded the Post before awarding it the“ Four Pinocchios ”rating.

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