Trump WH Staffers at Each Degree ‘Shamelessly’ Tried to Get on Vaccine Quick Record – Report

After she or her superiors spent nearly a year disregarding public health and safety guidelines such as wearing masks at work and dismissing CDC warnings of the coronavirus pandemic, many White’s staff and aides worked House of Trump “shameless” at all levels. to get on the list of special recipients for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Q: “Is it a good example for the public of the White House holding personal Christmas parties?”

McEnany: “If you can loot shops, burn down buildings, protest, you can go to a Christmas party too.”

– The Hill (@thehill) December 2, 2020

White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was partly responsible for determining who in the White House would get the coronavirus vaccine sooner than most Americans. It makes sense that some in the White House get vaccinated as soon as possible. Those who run the government, such as the President and Vice-President, and those who succeed them, such as the Foreign Minister, should be vaccinated to ensure continuity of government. This also applies to those who fulfill “essential national functions”.

According to a Vanity Fair report on Monday, in the “dwindling days of the Trump administration with nearly 2,500 Americans dying from COVID-19 every day, what was meant to be a triumphant vaccine rollout soon turned into a mess in style.” from Hunger Games. “

Who should get the limited number of recordings?

“Do White House employees who have broken security and held maskless Christmas parties deserve a try? What about interior ministry firefighters putting out flames on federal states? Or border guards pursuing undocumented immigrants? “

“In a White House notorious for its disregard of pandemic precautions, why would some executive branch politicians show such determination when trying to get a shot? According to the former chief administrative officer, the answer is simple enough: vaccinations would allow these high-flying mutilators to maintain their active lifestyles. “

Like many other things in the Trump administration, the “Operation was so opaque that even members of the Operation Warp Speed ​​Board and the White House COVID-19 Task Force said they had been left in the dark. When several of the apparently random vaccinations were given to healthy young federal employees, they suspected that the vaccine doses had been taken from the overall supply of the country without clear accounting, Vanity Fair learned. “

“In one agency after the other, employees in critical roles were stunned to learn that they were out of the question for a shot.”

How messed up was the decision-making process?

“A team of CDC infectious disease experts dispatched to Guinea and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to fight an Ebola outbreak have been vaccinated against Ebola but not against COVID, despite the obvious dangers to which they have been exposed, experienced Vanity Fair. “

Read the full report here.

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