Biden’s DOJ Strikes to Block Launch of Memo on Why Trump Was Not Prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice

The Justice Department under Attorney General Merrick Garland on Monday blocked the publication of a secret memo that then-AG William Barr reportedly relied on in deciding against prosecuting Donald Trump for obstruction of justice.

US District Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered the memo to be published at the request of the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics monitoring group in Washington (CREW) under the Freedom of Information Act.

The DOJ’s “Notice of Appeal” was filed by Deputy Assistant Attorney General Brian Netter.

Now: The DOJ tells the court it will appeal a judge’s order to release a March 2019 memo not prosecuting Trump for obstructing the Russia investigation. More will follow shortly.

– Zoe Tillman (@ZoeTillman) May 25, 2021

Biden’s DOJ has partially unsealed the Barr-era memo regarding not prosecuting Trump. At the same time, the DOJ asks the judge to suspend her decision, which requires complete unsealing. DOJ’s request to stay:

– Mike Scarcella (@MikeScarcella) May 25, 2021


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