Trump Secretly Received a COVID Vaccine Shot Earlier than Leaving White Home in January – Did not Inform His Anti-Vaxx Supporters

Before Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump left the White House as President, they decided to get vaccinated against the deadly coronavirus but chose to keep it a secret. Republicans are the largest group of Americans who say they are not or not sure about getting vaccinated.

Heading a very loyal group of supporters, Trump, like President-elect Joe Biden, could have received the vaccine on national television, which would have helped convert many opponents to the life-saving shot.

On Monday, Maggie Haberman reported from The New York Times that Trump had been vaccinated, quoting an advisor to the former president.

Some may have noticed that during his Sunday speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Trump paid lip service to obtaining the vaccine on a rare move, despite the fact that he spelled it out in an attack against President Biden. He told the supporters to “get your shot”.

“Remember, we took care of a lot of people including, I think we took care of Joe Biden on December 21 for getting his shot,” Trump told the Orlando CPAC crowd during his speech, which was widespread. “He got his vaccine. He forgot. It shows you how painless this vaccination shot is. So everyone get your shot. He forgot. So it was obviously not very traumatic. But he got his shot. And it’s good that he got his shot. “

Axios reported last week that 41 percent of Republicans say they won’t get the coronavirus vaccine. That number rises to 56 percent if Republicans are included who say they’re not sure. Only a third of Republicans (33%) say they have been vaccinated. Compare that to 70 percent of Democrats who say they will be vaccinated.

“White Americans are now less likely than black and Latin American Americans to say that they plan to get the vaccine,” notes Axios.

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