Report: Amazon Damage Charge Practically Double That of Opponents| Employees Compensation Information

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 | 0

According to a Washington Post report, employees at Amazon warehouses are almost twice as likely to suffer serious injuries compared to those who work in other warehouses in the US.

The newspaper, which happens to be owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, reports 5.9 serious injuries per 100 full-time equivalents in Amazon warehouses in 2020. The rate at every other non-Amazon-affiliated warehouse was 3.1 Serious Injuries per 100 full-time employee equivalents.

The 2020 discrepancy represents an improvement over the previous three years when Amazon’s injury rate was more than double that of national warehouses, including in 2019 when the online retailer had 7.8 serious injuries per 100 full-time employees, compared to the national average of 3.1.

The newspaper names several facilities in which the average injury rates since 2017 have been four to almost six times higher than the national average. The average accident rate at the Amazon warehouse in DuPont, Washington is 17.9 serious injuries per 100 full-time employees. In Tracy, Calif., The injury rate is 15.5 per 100 workers; in Obetz, Ohio, the rate is 13.1; in Kent, Washington, the rate is 12.9; and in Fall River, Massachusetts, the rate is 12.8.

Workers’ representatives said the company was making unrealistic demands on warehouse workers. The company said it is setting achievable performance goals for its employees.

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