Trump Ordered Protection Secretary to ‘Do No matter Is Essential to Shield the Demonstrators’ on January 6

Days before the January 6 uprising, President Donald Trump urged his acting Secretary of Defense to protect the rioters and insurgents at all costs.

In an impressive testimony on Wednesday afternoon, then-incumbent Defense Secretary Christopher Miller told members of Congress Trump said, “Do whatever it takes protect the Protestersto exercise their constitutionally protected rights. “

“We had a meeting with President Trump on January 3rd about some international threats,” Miller told US Representative Byron Donalds (D-FL).

At the very end he asked if there were any requests for National Guard assistance, and I informed him about it [D.C.] Mayor Bowser, please. “

“How did the President react to Mayor Bowser’s request?” Rep. Donalds asked.

“Fill out the form and do whatever is necessary to protect the demonstrators and those who are exercising their constitutionally protected rights,” says Miller.

Miller seems uncomfortable, stammering and crossing his arms as he stumbles upon the fact that the president – who has been involved in laying the foundations for the insurrection for months, including urging his supporters for one “Wilderness” to come to DC day – is supposed to protect the protesters who would storm the Capitol days later in a deadly destructive attempted coup to overthrow the elections it lost.

If Miller’s sworn testimony is accurate, it means Trump knew days in advance that violence was going to occur and that he was warned about it. His response was not to protect members of Congress or the Capitol or the Capitol Police, but rather the insurgents he was. I would call on January 6th to “go down to the Capitol … because you will ever retake our country with weakness.” “



– Acyn (@Acyn) May 12, 2021

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