Trump Mocked After Issuing Vicious Assault on McConnell in Effort to Promote His New PAC

The failed and disgraced former President Donald Trump made a damning statement Tuesday night attacking Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell. This was a clear attempt to further divide the GOP while promoting his new PAC, which he launched with over $ 30 million from his post-election fraudulent emails.

NCRM will not publish the statement due to false allegations and lack of value. Donald Trump instigated the deadly January 6 uprising.

Maggie Haberman of the New York Times reports: “Trump’s first draft of his McConnell Declaration was nastier for two people close to him and was delivered in place of the press conference he was thinking about today.”

Axios’ Lachlan Markay, referring to Elaine Chao, Trump’s transportation secretary and McConnell’s wife:

Frankly, the craziest part of that statement is that Trump is casually throwing out that a member of his own cabinet has been compromised by doing Chinese deals.

– Lachlan Markay (@lachlan) February 16, 2021

In the meantime, Trump was quickly ridiculed.

“Oddly enough,” noted attorney George Conway, “you tweeted,“ If you read this you would never know that Donald Trump lost re-election by 7,060,401 votes and 74 votes, which resulted in his party losing both houses of the Congress lost, has been charged twice, and is under criminal investigation in two states. “

In response, this exchange was:

An old game show host I think.

– Andrew MacBride (@swimsf) February 16, 2021

Former Obama’s NSC spokesman Tommy Vietor noted, “McConnell could have drastically reduced Trump’s political power by casting votes to impeach him and expel him from future public office. Instead, he has tried to do it both ways and has to endure Trump’s wrath without diminishing his influence on the party. “

Talking Points Josh Marshall from Memo:

Don’t confuse Trump’s breakout. McConnell got everything he wanted from Trump. Trump owns everyone in the GOP house. The ten strays are cleaned. After the election, Mitch kept telling Trump to fuck himself and his position remains safe. That drives Trump crazy.

– Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) February 16, 2021

Journalist Yashar Ali:

“As a friend just pointed out, this latest Trump statement on Mitch McConnell is like having every tweet saved in the notes section of his phone and written down in a statement.”

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