Trump Allies Concern The Return Of His Rallies Will Destroy Their Election Possibilities’

Georgia Republican Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene apparently believes that no matter how offensive – or politically harmful to the GOP – their antics may be, Kevin McCarthy, chairman of the minority House of Representatives, should always defend them.

One day after retweeted – and then deleted – a post describing McCarthy as “crazy” and “daredevil” for condemning her recent rant of likening mask mandates to the Holocaust. Greene appeared on NewsMax Wednesday night to attack the House GOP leaders who dared to criticize their remarks.

Marjorie Taylor Greene praises a tweet calling Kevin McCarthy an “idiot” and “feckless c ** t”.

– Andrew Solender (@AndrewSolender) May 25, 2021

After hailing Kelly as “the most famous Republican in the House of Representatives right now, more than Kevin McCarthy,” Newsmax host Greg Kelly asked about her recent spade with party leaders.

“You have to have respect for [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, as she never allows attacks on her own, ”Greene replied. “And she even defends them when they sleep with Chinese spies, when they attack Israel, when they face Hamas terrorism, and when their rhetoric is so disgusting that pro-Palestinian anti-fascist rioters attack American Jews on the streets.

“Nancy Pelosi stands by her own, and Kevin McCarthy never had to say a word,” added Greene. “He could have said, ‘You should ask Marjorie what she said and ask her what she had to say. ‘That would have been the right answer for him, so it is unfortunate that he took this route. And he didn’t even text me or call me which is a real shame before I found out he said that.

“And then, unfortunately, Elise Stefanik, our new GOP chairman, followed exactly the example, and then I think Steve Scalise and others,” said Greene. “And they shouldn’t have done that. None of them called me and asked what I meant by what I said. “

Greene continued to accuse the media of “twisting my words” before effectively doubling its comparison between mask mandates and Nazi Germany.

“It is terrible how people in this country are treated for masks and vaccination cards, and we have to withstand this aggression, and it is precisely these kinds of aggression that rob us of our freedoms, and we have seen them with tyrants in the past throughout history, and these are definitely countries that have taken the socialist path, the same path that the Democrats have taken, ”she said.

The previous Wednesday, Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty weighed Greene’s relationship with the GOP leaders of the House, compared her to a GOP-created “Frankenstein” and urged her to get this monster out of her caucus.

“Everything else makes the efforts of the hollow Republican leaders to portray Greene as a mere fringe player in their ranks,” wrote Tumulty. “They created them and they elevate them further.

“This is the result of seeking power regardless of what else it might bring,” added Tumulty. “To borrow the subtitle of Mary Shelley’s famous novel, Marjorie Taylor Greene is the fruit of the Republicans’ own efforts to become the modern day Prometheus.”

See Greene’s appearance on Newsmax here.

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