Tributes paid to former main member of the civil rights motion in Derry

A former leader of the Derry civil rights movement was recognized.

Brendan Hinds, who died yesterday, was a former Labor Party leader in the city.

He was also heavily involved in the civil rights movement that had its heart in Derry in the 1960s.

Mr. Hinds lived in Moss Park in Galliagh.

Among those paying tribute to him was Dermie McClenaghan, who was also involved in the civil rights movement.

“Brendan chaired the Labor Party in Derry in the 1960s and was a leader in the civil rights movement during that time,” said McClenaghan.

He was a member of the Derry Citizens Action Committee with John Hume, Ivan Cooper, Claude Wilton, Willie Breslin, James Doherty, John Patton, Finbarr O’Doherty, and others.

“He was also a trade unionist and a member of the ETU.

“Brendan was a good friend and nice to those new to him. He was humorous with a sharp mind and good company.

“He was at our wedding and his wedding present to Pauline and I was asked to provide a car and driver to take us to our honeymoon destination in County Kerry, a wonderful surprise.

“I have some other wonderful memories of Brendan that will stay with me,” said Mr. McClenaghan, who passed on his services to Mr. Hinds’ family.

The local will be buried on Saturday after a service in St. Joseph’s Church in Galliagh at 11 a.m.

Due to the pandemic, attendance at the funeral is limited, but people can watch the service on the church’s webcam.

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