Oakland Civil-Rights Legal professional Reveals Police Bodycam Footage of Stockton Teen’s Brutal Arrest – CBS San Francisco

STOCKTON (CBS) – A crowd gathered in Stockton on Saturday with voices raised and strong emotions to demand justice after seeing the newly released video of a police body camera of four officers beating 17-year-old Devin Carter late last year had.

The family’s high profile civil rights attorney, John Burris, whose former client is Rodney King, posted the video last week and it was shown on a big screen outside Stockton City Hall on Saturday to see more.

Devin Carter, an 18-year-old senior at Lincoln High School in north Stockton, appeared with his parents at the screening.

Carter was 17 years old on the night of December 30th when he was beaten by arresting officers after a brief police chase that ended on Davis Road on Eight Mile Road on the north edge of town.

“I thought I was going to die,” Carter said on Saturday.

The bodycam video shown at the press conference on Saturday begins with an officer telling Carter not to move and then telling him to take off his seat belt while using explosives. After being pulled out of the car, Carter yelled at least six times that he would not oppose. At some point you can hear him scream in pain.

“I’ve seen it and I have sincere indignation in my bones. I am irritated and upset. I was irritated and frustrated, but now I’m angry and angry, ”said Toni McNeil, community social justice organizer.

Stockton Police released two of the officers involved, Michael Stiles and Omar Villapudua. However, the members of the community now want justice with the other two parties involved.

“Stockton PD, you can’t beat someone up on camera and think it’s okay and no one is going to check you out!” Exclaimed McNeil.

Source: John Burris Law Office

Pictures of Carter show his swollen and bruised face, including a print on the bottom of a shoe.

“The behavior of the officers was so cruel that they should be prosecuted,” said Burris on Friday when he first released the video. “The most disturbing aspect of this case is that these officers must have believed that they were somehow immune to departmental discipline and could get away with their behavior knowing that their body-worn cameras were on.”

Police Chief Eric Jones released a statement earlier last week, some of which read:

“Our department has guidelines that we should try to avoid hitting an arrested person in the head and neck area. Given these circumstances, I cannot and will not tolerate excessive violence. In addition, any use of profanity is considered unjustified and unprofessional. “

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