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A FedEx employee who eyewitnessed the overnight mass shootings in Indianapolis said he saw a “hooded figure” with an “AR” rifle and screaming. Levi Miller says he heard two shots, then three, then six “quickly”, then ten. The shooter shot eight people and injured at least five other people who were hospitalized. He later killed himself, according to several reports.

“It was 11:00 am when this incident happened,” Miller told NBC’s “Today” show. “It was very dark. I ate something with my friends and another friend of ours, and then we heard two shots from inside the building.”

The shooter fired “in random directions,” Miller said.

He also said another man went to his vehicle and “pulled a gun out of his trunk to attack the shooter and he died from it”.

“One of my co-workers told me this was a well-known employee at this facility,” Miller said of the shooter. “It was someone who has definitely worked in this building before.”

When asked if he had any clue as to the shooter’s motive, Miller said, “According to rumors, I don’t know if it’s true, but the man targeted our manager specifically, and our manager wasn’t here at all that day . “

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there were 147 mass shootings, including this one, in the first 105 days of the year that year. 12,401 people died from guns this year. Another 9744 were injured. 87 children aged 11 years or younger were killed and 312 teenagers aged 12 to 17 were also killed with guns.

There were four mass shootings on Thursday alone.

“I saw a man, a hooded figure … the man had an AR in his hand and he started screaming and then he started shooting.”

Levi Miller, who works in the FedEx building where a gunman killed at least eight people before taking his own life, tells us what he went through.

– TODAY (@TODAYshow) April 16, 2021

BREAKING: Another mass shooting – this time at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis. Eight people are dead and several others are injured. Police say the shooter took his own life. FedEx issued a statement.

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