Resident: Gov. Murphy has spectacular accomplishments

While having lunch with a friend, she asked what Governor Phil Murphy had done for us. This letter aims to answer that question. The following are examples of Governor Murphy’s accomplishments:

• Governor Murphy built strong partnerships for coordinated COVID testing and vaccination.

• The Murphy Administration raised hundreds of millions of dollars to unburden families, businesses, renters, landlords, and middle-class schools.

• To make quality education more available, Governor Murphy has taken initiatives to provide free community college classes to qualified students. In-state teaching aid is available to dreamers;

• Under the Murphy administration, New Jersey became a national leader in raising the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour. He waived well-earned sick leave, extended family leave, and medical leave;

• The governor has passed bills to update and strengthen gun laws.

• This government led New Jersey’s leadership in expanding offshore wind energy technology. With the use of these technologies, New Jersey has entered into partnerships that will lead to the first production facility for wind power components in our country.

• Governor Murphy launched economic incentives in January 2021 to encourage the growth of high-tech companies and innovative startups, and to encourage similar businesses to come and stay in New Jersey.

• Other laws that have been passed include New Jersey’s first ever history preservation tax credits and the expansion of the brownfield and redevelopment tax credits.

Governor Murphy has clearly put the needs of New Jersey people first. A second term as governor will continue to benefit the citizens of New Jersey.

Kim S. Luxhoj
Freehold Township

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