This is Why Nikki Haley Turning on Trump Is a Huge Deal: CNN’s John Berman

US Senator Josh HawleyThe newcomer Missouri Republican, accused of being one of the leaders of the Jan. 6 insurrection, is now being beaten for ignoring the impeachment trial of Donald Trump for inciting the insurrection – a trial that Senator Hawley swore by impartial juror.

Sen. Hawley “sits on the gallery with his feet in the seat in front of him, checking records throughout the process,” said Garrett Haake of NBC News.

Other reporters confirmed Haake’s report:

Republican Senator Josh Hawley, who protested Biden’s victory and encouraged the attack on the Capitol, is currently seated in the Senate Gallery with his feet up. Not once did he pay attention to the impeachment process.

– Hugo Lowell (@hugolowell) February 10, 2021

During today’s impeachment trial, Missouri GOP Senator Josh Hawley sat a second day in the public gallery above the Senate, and Kentucky GOP Senator Rand Paul once again does not wear a mask per Hill Pool.

– Craig Caplan (@CraigCaplan) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley is sitting in the gallery, not on the floor, still reading newspapers in unlabeled Manila folders. They were similar to the folders he had at his desk on Tuesday, but of course being in the gallery meant reporters in the gallery couldn’t see them – @kasie

– Mike Memoli (@mikememoli) February 10, 2021

CNN’s Manu Raju said Hawley told him, “I can basically see the back of your head. But I’ve picked a spot where I can look right down at her, see the TV, and it’s interesting. “

Hawley appears to be violating his oath as an impartial juror by ignoring the Senate conclusion, based on Tuesday’s vote, that he is responsible for examining Trump.

Hawley said Democrats present their case in “very understandable, easy-to-follow ways”. But he added, “I don’t think it’s going to change anything. In my opinion, we are not competent. “

– Manu Raju (mkraju), February 10, 2021

Hawley is blown up.

It should forever be January 6th, as we see Josh Hawley, who has shown no remorse or regret for trying to overthrow the US government.

– Ben Rhodes (@brhodes) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley makes a spectacle of himself on purpose. Why should he not respect those who died on January 6th and after? Why?

– Anne Rice (nAnneRiceAuthor), February 10, 2021

Breaking Over MSNBC: Republican Josh Hawley ignores litigation, which has nothing to do with impeachment … even with his feet up in the seat in front of him.

If this gets you banned from biology class, why doesn’t he get banned from the Senate?

– Chip Franklin (@chipfranklin) February 10, 2021

Missouri? You should be ashamed if the arrogant and unpatriotic #JoshHawley represents you in the US Senate. Feet up, upper gallery, going through paperwork during impeachment. He thinks he is above the law. Demagogue in training.

– Truth or Consequences (@TheSpringChickn) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley is a un-American traitor who does not deserve his position and power.

– Cozzymandias (@lolzkatt) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley is a Seditionist and must be expelled from the Senate

– Sarah Fickling (@shbeetle) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley is a national shame, Missouri deserves way more than this racist carpet bagger

– Aunt (@ 1LNMN) February 10, 2021

Josh Hawley is a traitor to America and should be in jail.

– maraleia MAT (Distribute the #SeditionCaucus MOC) (@maraleia) February 10, 2021

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