Feuds Erupt Amongst Trump-Loving ‘Prophets’ Over Whether or not God Will Put Him Again within the White Home Subsequent Month

Former President Donald Trump has not been in the White House for almost a month, but some Christian “prophets” believe God has a plan to reinstall him in the White House next month.

As Politico reports, self-proclaimed prophets like Kat Kerr, Johnny Enlow and Greg Locke are still insisting that Trump be president again in 2021, despite President Joe Biden taking office last month.

In fact, Enlow believes the Trump family will become something of a god-appointed royal dynasty to rule the country.

“It’s not just going to be Trump coming back,” Enlow said in a recent video. “There will be at least two more Trumps who will be in office in some way.”

However, not all Trump-supporting “prophets” agree with these predictions.

Jeremiah Johnson, a charismatic Christian prophet, admitted after the 2020 election that his own prediction of Trump’s victory was wrong and urges fellow prophets to be humble and admit mistakes.

“I think this election cycle has shown how badly we need a reformation in the prophetic movement,” Johnson said on a February 8 video. “I have serious concerns about the charismatic-prophetic world that if we don’t wake up, if we don’t humble ourselves, greater judgment will come.”

Michael Brown, another longtime charismatic resuscitator, also told Politico that it was time for his movement to cool off on Trump-related prophecies.

“As a full-blooded charismatic, I will say we have earned the world’s ridicule for our stupidity,” he said.

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